How to Organize A Small Office: 12 Tips & Tricks


Increase your productivity when you work from home. Discover how easy it is to organize a small office and create the workplace of your dreams.

Working from home can be such a mixed blessing. There’s no commute (yay!). But if you don’t have a dedicated space from which to work, it can be really distracting. Hi, this is Annie from Venture1105 and I’m here with another fantastic list of ideas that I hope inspire you.

12 Tips and Tricks to Organize a Small Office | Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

I know the struggles and the joys of working from home. I adore the flexible hours and the fact that I can work right in my own house. But without a place where I can focus, I get ridiculously distracted.

Do you know what I mean?

I was browsing Pinterest and our own Ideas for the Home and created this dreamy little list. It helped me create some actionable steps. Soon I’ll have a super-organized home office too. I hope these help you as much as they helped me.

How to Organize a small office with trendy ideas

Whether you have a nice office-decorating budget or not much of one at all, these ideas will be perfect for you. I found tips and tricks that will fit any sized office and they are all pretty cost-effective too.

#1 Make your own receipt holder

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Lisa at Fabulous Habits created it to hold receipts, but it can hold so many other things too. I imagine I’d use it to organize my unpaid bills or a few notebooks that are taking up space on my desk.

Find the tutorial here on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

#2 Organize tax paperwork

If there is one thing that gets out of hand super quickly in a home office, it’s all the paperwork. Thankfully, Organized 31 found a way to keep everything tidy and where it belongs. And it even looks cute too!

Find the complete instructions on Organized 31.

#3 organize your desk drawers

It’s way too easy to just let drawers get out of control. Personally, I tend to just stuff things in there and shut them. Out of sight, out of mind. But then when it’s time to find what I need, I’m in trouble.

Thankfully Amanda has some ideas that help you organize them and keep them organized.

Find the tutorial on Domestically Creative.

#4 Make hanging shelves

The next thing that will help you have an even more organized home office is more space to store things like notebooks and happy decor.

These aren’t just super cute. They are affordable and easy to install too.

Find out how on Lemon Thistle.

#5 Make a DIY Idea Journal

Clean up all those sticky notes and random pieces of paper and put all your thoughts into one place. I just love Kelly’s idea of redecorating a simple notebook and creating a place to capture thoughts.

Follow the tutorial on Live Laugh Rowe.

#6 Turn a desk organizer into a charging station

If you have a small home office as I do, every inch of space is precious. So putting all your electronics in one spot where they can all charge at the same time is genius. I didn’t realize how easy it was, but it really is.

Find the tutorial on Pretty Handy Girl.

#7 Hide that cord clutter

Speaking of which, you can hide all the cords in your home office with these amazing hacks. Learn how to create a space that encourages creativity and peace of mind.

Read all the different ways on Clutter Keeper.

#8 Make DIY Office organizers

How many loose paperclips and thumbtacks are scattered on the bottom of your desk drawers? Give them their own little homes with this tutorial. These are so adorable that you can display them on your bookshelf.

Find out how by reading By Dawn Nicole.

#9 Pick a neutral theme

If you have a small space from which to work, pay close attention to the colors in your decor. A neutral theme will make your workspace feel bigger than it actually is.

Take a tour of the entire office for more ideas from A Night Owl Blog.

#10 Establish a place for papers

This is another low-cost solution for storing papers in a small home office. Hang up a wire basket to collect the mail and bills as they arrive.

I have to warn you, this is a really easy way to just drop loose mail and forget about them. Go through this pile once a week to keep it looking neat.

See how Worthing Court Blog did it.

#11 Redo current furniture

This simple refresh can make all the difference in the world! Just adding some different fabric to a simple office chair can make it look completely different.

Follow the tutorial from Our Southern Home.

#12 Don’t forget a pop of color

Finally, if you are going to choose a neutral color palette for a small office, add in a few pops of color. It will brighten the room and give it a focal point. This blue rug is perfect amongst all the whites and creams.

See the entire home office makeover on Duke Manor Farm.

Bonus Tip: Hang up Buckets

This is a really cute DIY paper and pens organizer that you can make out of scrap wood and some hooks. I can see this in a homework corner, at a craft station or on the wall of a home office.

Find the tutorial on Anika’s DIY Life.

To Organize a Small Office, think clever

It might seem frustrating to try and organize a small home office. But you just have to think of clever ways in which to do it. Reuse items from around the house and only keep what you need.

Soon, you’ll have an office space any boss would be proud to work in!


Here are a few of our favorite home office tools to help get your workspace off on the right foot.

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