Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Farmhouse Style Reveal


Need some new master bedroom decorating ideas? Create a space to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep with these farmhouse style home decor tips.

Transform your master bedroom into your own personal retreat with new paint, new flooring and some new farmhouse style decor. In our reveal today, we’re sharing easy master bedroom decorating ideas to create an oasis where you can relax and unwind from the day.

12 Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas with farmhouse style - Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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Hey there, Idea Insiders! This is Carrie, the main blogger here at Ideas for the Home by Kenarry. Today it’s my joy to invite you virtually into our home for the eighth and final installment in our main floor makeover series.

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing all of the changes, big and small, that we’ve made to our ranch style home over the last year. You can see all the before photos and read about our home makeover ideas and plans going into the project.

At a high level, the makeover project included our master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, entryway and mudroom. Last week, I showed you how to make a shiplap wall, like we did in our bedroom. Now it’s time to show you the rest of the master bedroom decorating ideas and changes we made.

12 Farmhouse Style Master bedroom decorating ideas

Your master bedroom should be a space where you can retreat from the outside stresses of the world. Customize any of these farmhouse style master bedroom decorating ideas to create your own personal oasis in your home.

idea 1: change your Wall color

Changing the paint color on your walls is one of the easiest, low-cost ways to make a dramatic change in any room. We hadn’t made any major changes to our master bedroom since I updated the bedding four years ago. The walls were still a light sage green color with one dark green accent wall.

As I thought about creating a space that felt like a safe sanctuary from all the worries and stress of the outside world, I began to research what wall colors create the most sense of calm. I found that if you want to feel less stressed go with blue paint for your walls.

Paint swatch books fanned out on a bed in a master bedroom

We looked at several different swatches on blue paint chips and eventually chose Harmonious blue from Behr paint (PPU13-12m). Even the name of the color exudes a sense of peace and tranquility, doesn’t it?

Harmonious paint swatch from Behr paint being held up on the wall to show the difference in wall color


Before photo in a master bedroom before a farmhouse style makeover


Queen sized bed with a Woolrich quilt in a master bedroom

Idea 2: Add A shiplap Accent wall

Another way to add a sense of peace into a room is to add elements that remind you of your favorite, most calming places to be. Adding a shiplap accent wall in our master bedroom helps the space to remind us of the sunroom at our cottage, a place where we go to feel less stressed.

The shiplap wall also gives an element of farmhouse style to our master bedroom. We installed the whitewashed planks in place of the dark green accent wall behind our headboard. It’s actually a super easy project you can do in a day if you buy shiplap boards that are already whitewashed. Read our full tutorial for more detailed photos of the process and step-by-step instructions.

Queen sized bed with a Woolrich quilt in a master bedroom

Idea 3: update your flooring

Another wonderful way to dramatically change the whole way a room feels is to change the flooring. This one may not be possible for all makeover budgets, but wow does it make a difference if you can do it.

For our makeover project, we actually changed the flooring in our living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom to all be the same throughout the main floor. We wanted a farmhouse style look so we went with laminate wood flooring rather than carpet.

We chose Allen + Roth Chesterfield Hackberry laminate flooring from Lowe’s (#936283) and really love it so far. It has the durability we need in our busy home and the color helps to hide dirt and pet hair.

Allen + Roth Chesterfield Hackberry laminate flooring from Lowe’s in a master bedroom with a queen sized bed and a large dresser with a mirror

Idea 4: Take a Look at Your Furniture

The next thing to look at with any master bedroom makeover is your furniture. Is it worn? Scratched? Broken? Do any pieces need to be replaced? Are there too many pieces of furniture in your room? For example, we had a quilt rack in one corner of our master bedroom and a spare dining chair in the other. Taking those out of our master bedroom makes the whole space feel bigger.


Queen sized bed in a before photo in a master bedroom

Beyond that, I still love the mission-style master bedroom furniture I purchased back in my single days. My parents actually gave me sage advice at that time: Buy good stuff, they said and you’ll have it forever.

To help your wood furniture feel like new again, you can use wood furniture polish. If it’s scratched at all, you can use Old English with stain and those scratches nearly disappear.

A mission style dresser with mirror in a farmhouse style master bedroom

Idea 5: choose new cozy bedding

I still love the blue quilt set I got from LushDecor several years ago. It looks great with the new wall color and is so bright and fun for spring and summer. However, with all of the other makeover changes I was making, I decided I wanted something a little cozier for fall and winter.

There was a great sale on the Woolrich 3-piece Winter Hills Plaid Quilt Set on Kohl’s so I snagged it, but you can also find this same quilt set on Amazon. NOTE: The product photos used by Woolrich in their marketing shows that the underside is tan. It’s actually dark brown. If you prefer a lighter colored bedspread, the Lush Decor Greenville 3-piece Quilt Set in taupe would give a similar farmhouse look.

For a queen-sized bed, I always recommend buying a king-sized quilt so there’s plenty of material to cover the sides and foot of the bed. For winter, you’ll also need an additional blanket for warmth and coziness. Buy a blanket that’s true to the size of your bed and it will fit well under the over-sized quilt or comforter.

Close up of a Woolrich 3-piece Winter Hills Plaid Quilt Set on a queen sized bed in a master bedroom

Idea 6: Add wall hooks to make your bedroom look tidy

Bedrooms are a place where you often remove layers of clothing. When we had the spare dining room chair in the corner of our master bedroom, it was typically piled with shirts, hoodies and fleece jackets. This gave the room an untidy or cluttered appearance. Rooms that are tidy make people feel less stressed.


Before photo of a sage green master bedroom, a scruffy dog is peeking into the room

Once we moved the spare chair out of the room, we needed a new and tidier way to hang up clothes in our room. We decided a rack with hooks would do the trick.


Queen sized bed with a Woolrich quilt in a master bedroom next to a large dresser with a mirror

I found the sliding barn wood door wall decor with hooks at Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the same piece on their website. This rustic wood coat rack with a shelf would be a great alternative.

The painting above the hooks used to be in our living room. It has sentimental value to my husband so I moved it into our master bedroom. If I didn’t have artwork I wanted to put there, I would have loved this rustic pine shelf with hooks from Pottery Barn.

A painting above a farmhouse style rack with hooks in a master bedroom

Idea 7: Put your tV on a higher surface

Although most sleep experts will give you all kinds of reasons why you shouldn’t have a TV in your bedroom, most of us do. Mounting the TV higher on your wall in your master bedroom will allow you to see it better when you’re laying down in bed. If you don’t want to hang the TV directly on the wall, you can put it on top of a tall armoire like we did.

A queen sized bed angled toward a TV on top of an armoire in a master bedroom

Idea 8: Limit the items that you keep on the dresser

Dressers tend to be a catch-all space where we toss random odds and ends throughout our day. Try to limit the number of knick-knacks and decor you keep on your dresser in order to give your master bedroom a tidier appearance. While it’s always a good idea to straighten up the top of your dresser regularly, it can also be helpful to have baskets or boxes to collect those random things until you’re ready to tidy up.

For a farmhouse style master bedroom, I recommend using wood crates with metal accents, olive baskets, mason jars or small bowls. I got our decorative wood box from the store At Home. At Home doesn’t have an online store unfortunately, but this one on Amazon is similar.

Close up of a farmhouse style wooden box and cloth runner on top of a dresser in a bedroom

A wedding photo in a cute frame is also a beautiful must-have for the top of your dresser. I’ve had the floral frame that ours is in for years, so I just kept it in that one. If I was going to get a new frame with farmhouse style this is the one I’d get for our wedding pic.

I also recommend using a table runner to protect the top of your dresser. The one you see in the photos is from World Market. I bought it years ago, but this one on Amazon is similar.

Close up of a farmhouse style wooden box and cloth runner on top of a dresser in a bedroom

Idea 9: use lamps to provide ambient lighting

Our bedroom has six bright can lights in the ceiling. This gives the room tons of light during the day. However at night when you’re trying to unwind from a busy day, it’s better to turn off the overhead lights and use lamps instead. Lamps give the space a better ambiance to help you decompress and relax so you sleep better.

In our master bedroom, we only had one nightstand that came with bedroom furniture. (Remember I said I bought this furniture when I was single – I didn’t have the foresight to buy a second nightstand way back then. LOL!) For the other side of the bed, we use a small bookshelf as a nightstand.

When you have two nightstands that are different heights like we do, use lamps that are varying heights as well. Put the taller lamp on the shorter nightstand and vice versa. Visually this will make them horizontally aligned and cause the room to feel more balanced.

A queen size bed with a Woolrich Winter Hills Plaid Quilt Set in a master bedroom

Idea 10: Consider whether to make any new changes to your master bedroom

If your master bedroom has an adjoining en suite bathroom, give that room a look and see if you want to make any changes in there as well. Our master bathroom is a very light mint green with dark brown towels and other accents.

During our main floor makeover, we did a little touch-up painting in our master bathroom. Otherwise we decided no one else sees it except us and it was “good enough” to stay as-is. If your master bathroom has ceramic tile like ours, you might want to check out the tutorial I made for how to clean tile floors without scrubbing.

Wow! I love this easy idea for how to clean tile floors quickly and easily. Who knew you could get ceramic tiles deeply clean without chemicals or scrubbing on your hands and knees?

Idea 11: Personalize your master bedroom with wall decor

Another great way to personalize your master bedroom is through your wall decor. You can create a farmhouse style family photo gallery wall if you have a lot of photos you want to display.

In our case, I just chose three super special photos and had them enlarged to 16×20″ and printed on canvas through Canvas On Demand. Two of the pictures are professional photos in black and white of our boys when each of them was six months old. In between their pictures is a photo of my bouquet from our wedding day.

Queen sized mission style bed in front of a shiplap wall

We were married during the fall season and I had very vibrant colored flowers in my bouquet. I know a lot of brides dry their wedding bouquets as a way to preserve them. Dried flowers aren’t really my thing and they would have lost a lot of color during the drying process. So I chose to preserve and display them as a canvas print instead.

Photo of bride's wedding bouquet on canvas in a master bedroom

Idea 12: don’t forget your dog

Do you share your master bedroom with a four-legged family member? If so, don’t forget to take your dog’s needs into account during your master bedroom makeover! With the new hard laminate floors, we made sure to put a softer rug at the foot of our bed so Scruffy can relax in this room too.

Scruffy dog laying on an area rug next to a queen sized bed in a master bedroom with a white washed plank wall

Of course, his dog bed needed a spot in our master bedroom as well. It fits perfectly in the corner by the decorative hooks now that we don’t have the spare dining room chair in our room anymore. Although Scruffy usually prefers to be wherever I am during the day, I will often find him here taking an afternoon nap.

Dog sleeping on dog bed in a master bedroom

That wraps up our main floor makeover series. If you started here, I invite you to continue your tour throughout the rest of our home:

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