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Want some printable earth day worksheets for April 22nd? Grab these educational downloads for some fun Earth Day activities at home!

Hello, this is Linda from tortagialla blog and I love creating and designing digital printables for kids and their moms! Today I’m sharing a fun set of printable Earth Day worksheets. You can help your kids learn the importance of observing Earth Day on April 22nd. Also, you can introduce ideas on how they can do their part, from awareness to action!

Preview of three earth day worksheet printables on top of wooden background with white flowers and green leaves at the bottom.

When a holiday comes up, I think it’s important for us to explain to our kids the significance of why we are celebrating that holiday. It should not be any different with Earth Day on April 22nd. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about awareness regarding our planet Earth and natural resources. Using these printable Earth Day worksheets, you can help little kids to older teens with reflecting on our role in conserving our environment. Then you can discuss what we can all do to help preserve our natural habitat.

Preview of earth day coloring page printable on a white background with little leaf decorations on top left and bottom right.

How to Use These Printable Earth Day Worksheets

Digital printables are a super easy and budget-friendly way to give your kids a fun activity to do. Just download and print out these worksheets, which include 3 different designs to suit a variety of ages.

What you need: 

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Printable Earth Day Worksheet Ideas:

Preview of earth day word search printable on a light grey background with red carnations coming out of kraft envelope at the bottom.

Print and Color

The designs I’ve created in this set of printable Earth Day worksheets vary in terms of complexity for kids of all ages. In all instances, you can tailor the specific activity to your child’s age, just by offering them a few tips and ideas.

The first option for little kids is to simply print out the first page for coloring. Younger children might color to their heart’s content while you speak to them about the holiday and go over some important facts and recycling tips.

As with all activities for the little ones, you can make it fun and educational at the same time. So consider giving them glitter, glue, paint or other craft supplies to decorate their page with. At the same time, you can discuss Earth Day vocabulary and explain the meaning to them.

Word Search, Definitions and Sentences

The second worksheet printable is a word search with vocabulary having to do with our planet Earth. Little kids will have a fun time simply searching for the words and circling them or coloring the found word with markers or crayons.

However, older kids can expand on this worksheet by looking up the definition of the words to ensure they understand the meaning. Then you can go further in discussing how the term is related to Earth Day and perhaps give example sentences. Then you can ask how they might use the word in a sentence.

Although we often give our kids printables to help past the time when you need to do something else, it’s also important to touch base every so often. Spend time with your kids in discussing what they colored or what they found as they completed the worksheet. Any kind of discussion over activity worksheets help to foster the parent-child relationship as well. It’s also fine just to listen to them tell you what they did and what they thought. All of this can really help them learn more and enjoy the activity as well!

Free Writing

Finally there is the final worksheet that offers a full page of written prompts to ask older kids to write about what they can recycle, reuse and reduce specifically. This is a great exercise to wrap up on Earth Day, so kids can contemplate how they can make a difference and do their part.

For younger kids, this can be a discussion and you can help them write in their answers. It would also be a fun activity to go back and forth, stating how you would answer the prompt, then asking them what they think and how they would answer.

Ultimately, the idea is to facilitate discussion and thinking around the theme of Earth Day and how we can preserve our planet together!

Preview of what can I do earth day worksheet printable with papers and notebooks on top left corner, cup of tea in top right corner and various flowers ont he lower half.

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Preview of three earth day worksheet printables on top of pink background with rose flower petals at the bottom.

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