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Tracking your mood can be extremely beneficial for making connections between everyday activities and how they affect your well-being, so try our this free printable mood tracker to get started today!

Hello there! This is Linda from tortagialla blog and I love creating printables that help with our everyday lives. Today I’m sharing a printable mood tracker page that is super easy to download and add to your planner, refrigerator door or kitchen countertop. It’s quick and easy to track your mood on a daily basis, coloring in with a color of your choice to represent your mood. I’ll be sharing a few other ideas for you as well below!

Preview of mood tracker printable page on dark wood background.

Why track your mood on a daily basis? First of all, only when you have the information tracked can you use it to understand your personal rhythms better. If you are more aware of your moods and your own personal preferences, you can help yourself manage your emotions better.

With the data on hand, you might be able to see patterns and correlations to other lifestyle choices and events. Mood tracking is important for those of us focusing on our mental health, but it can be useful information for anyone who wants to better understand their own emotional and physical mood correlations.

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How to Use This Printable mood Tracker

What you need: 

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Tips on Using a Printable Mood Tracker:

Preview of mood tracker printable page on white background with misc flowers in the upper right corner.

Mood Tracking Frequency

When you first start tracking your mood, consider how much data you want to collect. This will help determine the frequency or number of times you want to track your mood in a day. It all depends on your lifestyle and daily habits.

I always suggest to start with once a day because it’s easy to stick to. We always want to set ourselves up for success and once a day is approachable. However, depending on your specific situation, you may prefer to track multiple times during the day. If you mood varies greatly throughout the day as you move from one event to another, consider tracking multiple times a day.

You can print multiple copies of this free printable mood tracker and label them accordingly for tracking. You can track your mood first thing in the morning, after lunch, after work, after dinner or before going to bed, etc.

Mood tracking Methods

When it comes to tracking your moods there are a variety of methods to choose from.

For those who prefer tracking by color, consider creating a key to represent a set of moods by colors. It’s important to create your own key as we all have different preferences and relate certain colors to certain moods personally. My only suggestion is to not create too many options. It might get too confusing to understand your tracking if there are too many variations. So keep it simple, but informative.

Another way to track your mood is to write over the date with a number rating. From 1 to 10 or 1 to 5 to numerically rate your mood level. If you find that type of numerical rating easier to understand and more natural, then go with that.

Finally, another way to track is to search for emoji stickers to use. Any kind of happy/sad sticker faces can be used to stick over each day in your printable mood tracker. Many of us are more visual, so this method might be better. You can also just draw happy/sad faces with a marker.

As you can see there are variety of ways to track your mood. Go with whatever is the easiest for you to keep up with and understand. The key is to create a system that you can stick to long-term. That will ensure your habit in collecting the data you want regarding your moods.

Preview of mood tracker printable page on white desk with woman writing in planner notebook.

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