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Want to make your own envelopes? Check out these free printable envelope templates to help make the process fun and easy. You can use any material to make your own custom envelopes!

Hello there! This is Linda from and I love creating digital printables for crafty folks like you! Today I’m sharing a set of printable envelope templates that are super versatile and helpful for everyday crafting. Make your own envelopes in any size and with whatever material or speciality papers you have on hand. It’s a great way to personalize and coordinate your envelopes with the contents.

Preview of three envelope template pages on top of a white background desk area with painted paper tripes and stationery items.

Although there are a variety of colored envelopes available on the market, you don’t often find patterned designs on envelopes for gift giving and letter writing. That’s why I created these printable envelope templates to help myself get crafty and make my own envelopes. It’s a very easy process and you’ll be surprised how simple it is to create a custom envelope to match your needs, for a variety of occasions.

Preview of card envelope template printed page on top of a dark blue background with various stationery items (washi rolls, clips, pencils, ruler, etc) on top edge.

How to Make Your Own Envelopes with Printable Envelope Templates

With these printable envelope templates, you can make yourself paper guides for making custom envelopes at home. Alternatively, since these are digital printables, you can even print the template directly on the backside of patterned papers and make your custom envelope from there. Let me share some tips and tricks on making custom envelopes with these templates.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools: 

Get the Printable :

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Preview of top loading envelope template page on wooden plank table background with cup of coffe, black pen and notebooks off the bottom right edge.

Tips on Making Your Own Custom Envelopes with Printable Envelope Templates:

Once you have the PDF download of printable envelope templates, note that there are three pages with three different envelope designs.

First, you have a traditional envelope that fits most greeting cards or half-page stationery papers. Then, there is a top loading envelope style that is great as a money envelope or gift card envelope. Finally, there is a traditional rectangle style that requires more paper to create the traditional triangular flap shape you see on envelopes. However, since we are using regular printer paper sizes, it means this rectangle envelope ends up smaller in size for notecards or other smaller items.

Sizing Your Templates

The best way to figure out the sizing for your templates is to print out all the pages on regular printer paper to try out first. Trim the templates to size, fold on dotted lines and glue the flaps to construct your envelopes. Then you will have all three examples to try out and see if it fits your cards, papers or whatever you are planning to put inside.

Remember with digital printables, you can also change the size of your envelopes by printing at a different percentage in your printer settings. Enlarge to 200% or reduce to 50% or everything in between depending on your needs. And if you happen to have a printer at home that takes larger paper, you can definitely create very large envelopes and not be limited by Letter-sized paper.

Once you have the size of your template decided upon, then you can go ahead and use your decorative paper to make your final envelope. This process ensures that you won’t make any mistakes or waste decorative papers or materials.

Make a Reusable Template or Print Directly

Also, depending on how often and how many envelopes you plan to make, considering making a reusable template or you can print the template lines directly each time.

For example, I like to print out these template pages onto thicker cardstock paper. Since I usually create envelopes in these exact sizes, I have cut out the template on cardstock to use repeatedly as a guide over other decorative papers. I can simply trace the shape or sometimes just hold the template over another piece of paper and trim it out to size with scissors.

Alternatively, you can put your decorative paper inside your printer and print out the template on the backside directly. Then you can just trim and construct the envelope using the guidelines. This is especially useful when you want to use printable patterned papers. Simply print the template on one side of the paper, then print the decorative paper design on the other side.

Remember, you can print any design to make an envelope to match a gift you are giving or the topic you are writing about. I often print out pretty designs that I know my friend will enjoy, whenever I send her something. There’s nothing better than a thoughtful, custom design to surprise a crafty friend!

What designs or materials will you use to make custom envelopes? From decorative scrapbooking papers to magazine cutouts to everyday ephemera. The design options are unlimited!

Preview of rectangle envelope template printed two on a page on top of a blue background with wooden log, kraft envelopes and goose scissors.

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Preview of three envelope template pages on top of a white background desk area with laptop, open notebook and cup of latte on the bottom edge.

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