Printable Stickers for the Summertime


Looking for FREE printable stickers to spice up your planner and journal pages? Check out this cute page of summertime motifs!

Hello there! My name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer who creates printable downloads to share with crafty folks like you. Today I’ve designed a sheet of printable stickers with a summertime theme. Add a cute little splash of illustration and color to your planner and journal pages with this freebie printable sheet of stickers!

Preview of printable page of summer illustration motifs on pink and teal background color.

When it comes to planning and journaling, it’s definitely okay to be entirely functional with just a regular black pen and notebook. Those who rely on bullet journaling or making lists can often have a very spartan functional planning system.

However, there are many crafty folks (like me!) who love to spice things up. I’m a fan of adding a bit of decoration into my pages, especially when it comes to memory keeping and journaling. So why not use free printables to add imagery and color? That’s why I created this freebie printable stickers page to share with you!

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Preview of printable page of summer illustration motifs on yellow background with slices of orange, lemon and starfruit underneath.

Free Printable Stickers for the Summertime

Digital printables are a great way to add decor to your planners, journals and scrapbooking on a budget! You can find loads of freebies just like these printables stickers with a summertime theme for download. Anything you can print, can be cut out and added to your pages!

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Preview of printable page of summer illustration motifs on white table with scissors, stationery, flowers and fruit slices at the top.

Ideas for DIY Printable Stickers at Home:

Printing, Trimming and Using

For printable stickers, it’s as simple as downloading the file to your computer and printing full color at the best quality print available on your home printer. I prefer to print on sheets of sticker paper, but it’s not necessary. You can also print on regular paper or cardstock and just fussy cut out the imagery as you would like to use it. Print, trim and you have instantly have new stickers to use!

If you have a digital sticker cutting machine, you can also pull the files into those programs and use their tools to actually print on sticker paper and cut out the shapes more precisely. Every machine and program has their own unique process, so we won’t go into detail here… but it’s definitely possible! However, I find often it’s just easy to use plain ‘ole scissors!

These printable stickers for the summertime come as a Letter-sized PDF, but you can easily print the page sized down by percentage if you want smaller images!

Embellishment Tips and Ideas

Another tip I wanted to share with you is in regards to using these sticker images paired with your existing craft supplies. Although the illustrations are cute by themselves (if I do say so myself!) creating embellishment clusters can really add a lot of interest and decor to your papercrafting!

Consider adding a base material, a sticker and then some accents to create a cluster for the corner or a page or as a focal point cluster. I often use a little square of patterned paper or a strip of washi tape as my base, then add the main sticker piece, then add some line drawing doodles with a pen, smaller tiny accent stickers or a splash of paint drops on top to finish off a cluster.

The whole process can be really fun to pair your supplies together and create your own unique decoration for your planner, journal or scrapbook page. Enjoy the process!

Preview of printable page of summer illustration motifs on white tabletop with gold scissors, paper swatches and pencils throughout.

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What’s Next?

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Preview of printable page of summer illustration motifs on wood background.

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