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You can never express your gratitude too often, so download these free printable thank you cards for all occasions when you need to send a note of thanks.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing digital printables that help us stay on top of our lives with a dash of creative fun as well. Today I’m sharing two different thank you card printables that are quick and easy to print and have ready at home!

Preview of two thank you card card fronts on marble background.

It’s always nice to send a proper thank you card and note whenever you receive a gift from someone. So throughout the year, you are bound to need several cards to send out. Why not print them yourself at home? Check out my modern trendy thank you card designs for free download!

Download free printable thank you cards

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Tools I used: 

Preview of two printable thank you card front designs featuring a floral card and tropical leaves card.

DIY free printable thank you cards

Here’s how to download, print, and send these lovely little cards.

1. Download and print

After signing up for the download above, you’ll get a link to PDF file via email. Both thank you card designs have been formatted for regular Letter-sized paper making it easy to print at home. I use white cardstock with my home printer and it works out perfectly.

However, if you prefer, go ahead and send the PDF to your local print shop to have them professionally printed.

With the digital file, you can print the cards as many times as you want throughout the year. I like to keep some ready-made and on hand to make it easier to grab a thank you card when I need it.

Preview of floral thank you card design on letter sized paper.

2. Trim and fold

Once you have the designs printed, simply trim off the excess paper, following the gray cut line around the card. You can definitely just use scissors, but a paper trimmer might make it easier given the straight lines. When making a bulk amount of cards, I find it easy to print everything first, then trim every card and finally folding each card. It’s somewhat like creating your own assembly line.

After folding your card, you can definitely trim around the edges if you find that the edges don’t perfectly match up. It’s just an easy way to get that finished and polished look.

Preview of tropical leaves thank you card design on letter sized paper.

3. decorate and send

Finally, before you write your thank-you note, consider adding your own handmade touch. You can decorate the front of the card, add confetti inside, round the corners or embellish in some way, depending on what supplies you have.

It’s really easy to add that extra special touch with a pretty sticker, some glitter gel pens or similar tools you have at your desk.

Also, don’t forget to decorate the envelope back or area around the address as well. It’s another way to really personalize your thank you card.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using these free printable thank you card designs. Remember to print and use these time and time again, whenever you need a modern thank you card design. Enjoy! If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for more.

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Preview of two thank you card fronts on cork background.

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