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Send your love to friends and family with these printable I miss you cards. It’s always a good time to reach out and express your sentiments in writing.

Hi, this is Linda from tortagialla and I design and share digital printable designs. I love that printables are instantly accessible and easy to use. Today I’m sharing two free printable I miss you cards to download and print instantly.

A preview of two printable i miss you card designs on desk with envelope, pencil, geode and plant leaves.

It seems that travel and get-togethers might not be as frequent these days, but remember that you can still send your loved ones a snail mail card to express your sentiments. There’s nothing like getting a beautiful card in the mail with a missing you message. Download these freebies to make your own DIY printable I miss you cards.

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Miss you so much and miss you love you card designs on wooden tabletop with envelopes and a mug of coffee.

DIY FREE printable i miss you cards INSTRUCTIONS:


When you sign-up as a Kenarry subscriber above, you’ll receive the free download link in your email inbox. Both card designs have been formatted for Letter-sized paper and fit standard-sized card envelopes for mailing.

Personally, I print the cards with the “Actual Size” setting on my home printer but you can also adjust the percentage if you want to print smaller or larger as preferred.

When it comes to printing at home, be sure to use the best cardstock paper you have, and set the printer to the best quality setting possible. That will guarantee that you get vibrant colors with your at-home printer.

If you cannot print at home, just send the files to your local print shop to get them professionally printed in color. It’s also a great option if you want to print in bulk.

Preview of blue teal miss you so much card design on desk with succulent plant.


After printing out your card designs and however many copies you need, simply trim off the excess paper and fold in half to complete your DIY card. You can use a paper trimmer or scissors – whatever you have handy at home.

Once your cards are ready, write your heartfelt missing you notes to your recipient. Consider getting your other family members to add a note as well. From grandparents to friends to teachers and mentors, they will certainly appreciate your thoughts during this time. Express your sentiments with these printable I miss you cards which can double as a fun DIY activity for the whole family!

Preview of miss you love you pink card design on desk with pencil, clips and ice cream decoration.


Finally, once your cards are ready you can put them in standard envelopes to be sent through the mail or dropped off with a gift. You can also consider adding stickers, confetti and treats with your card as well as decorating the envelope with stickers!

We often underestimate how much joy little gestures can bring, so don’t delay. Send out these printable I miss you cards to all your friends and family. These Handmade Rainbow Washi Tape Cards are another great way to send your greetings to loved ones. It will mean so much to receive a note of encouragement and love.

What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy this printable I miss you cards freebie download. If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more goodies.

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Preview of two card designs on top of blank white envelopes background.

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