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Need to send an encouraging word to family or friends recovering from illness? Download these FREE printable get well soon cards to print at home.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing digital printables because they are easy to print at home and can be used time and time again. Today I’m sharing two printable get well soon cards that are quick and easy to prepare and send out to your loved ones.

Preview of rainbow get well soon card and flower get well soon card on kitchen counter with cup of tea and stationery items.

With everything being digital these days, it’s actually refreshing to receive traditional snail mail. Consider setting aside one day every month to catch up on correspondence and print out all the greeting cards you need. In this post, you’ll find two get well soon card designs to send to family and friends. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness, especially when they need a little boost of encouragement while recovering from an illness.

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Preview of desk with dried flowers, two get well cards, gold pen and envelope.

DIY printable get well soon cards Instructions:


After signing up above as a Kenarry subscriber, you’ll receive the download link to the card designs via email. Both card designs have been formatted for Letter-sized paper for printing at home. They will fit standard sized card envelopes or you can adjust when printing at home to suit your needs. I print my cards at home with setting “Actual Size” and it works out perfectly.

If you don’t have a printer or prefer thicker cardstock, you can also send the files to your local print shop to get them professional printed in color. If you need lots of copies, this might be a great option as well!

Hand holding rainbow get well soon card.


Once you have the designs printed, simply trim off the excess following the gray cut line and fold in half to complete your card. You can use a paper trimmer or scissors – whatever you have handy at home. When creating a bulk amount of cards, I find it easy to print all the copies I need first, then trim each side of the card and finally fold them all in assembly-line fashion.

Flower get well soon card on top of envelope with green leaves on top of counter.


Now that you have all your cards created, make sure to write your personal note inside and add any other handmade touches. I often like to add in a pressed flower, stickers, confetti or an accompanying photo inside.

It’s easy to add any kind of extra special touch and your family and friends will appreciate your well wishes even more. Also, don’t forget that you can decorate the envelope as well, it’s another way to add your own personal touch to correspondence.

Rainbow get well soon card design on desk with envelope, pen, paperclips and various stationery supplies.

What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using these free printable get well soon cards. Remember that you can print them whenever you need, over and over again. If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more goodies.

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Desk with computer, glasses and phone with two get well soon card designs.

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