2022 Monthly Calendar Printable Freebie


Check out this 2022 monthly calendar printable freebie and start planning for the upcoming year.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I design printables to share with crafty moms like you. Here’s a month on two-page calendar printable that’s perfect for your home command center. A dated 2022 monthly calendar printable makes it easy to start planning for the upcoming year.

Preview of monthly calendar on two page printables on wooden background.

When it comes to monthly calendars, I’m always looking for more room to write out special events and reminders. That’s why I designed this month on two-page calendar printable to share with you. There’s plenty of space for each and every day of the year.

Isn’t it nice to visually see an overview of the month, especially for crossover family schedules? Also, I like using this printable calendar for little kids who need more space to write, add a sticker or stamp a symbol inside the daily boxes.

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Preview of January, February and March 2022 monthly calendars on two page printables on rainbow wooden table.

2022 Monthly Calendar Printable – Free Download

So this dated monthly calendar printable for 2022 is great for appointment tracking as well as habit tracking. The wonderful thing about printables is the ability to make multiple copies for a variety of uses around the house.

I’ve designed this calendar as one month laid out across two printed pages. It has a Monday start to coincide with school weekdays and weekends grouped at the end. With everything already dated for 2022, you can simply print the free PDF and tape up the matching pages accordingly.

Want just the blank monthly calendar template? Check out this post for the previously posted template. If you are looking for more kid planning pages, check out this post for the perpetual kids planner pages.

What you need: 

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Tips on Using 2022 Monthly Calendar Printable:

Family Schedules

When it comes to planning, many of us use digital calendars and have personal planners. The problem is seeing every family member’s schedules and appointments. We often need to know where or what someone else is doing, but not in detail. A high level overview is more helpful, so sharing full calendars can often get messy and confusing.

Ultimately, I prefer seeing an overview of my family schedule on this monthly calendar printable, posted in our kitchen with only the pertinent events noted. It only takes 5-10 minutes to review the upcoming month and fill out the calendar. Write down birthdays, important dates and each family member’s schedule, if others need to know about it. This will give everyone the ability to see a helpful overview without cluttering up a calendar with too much unnecessary detail.

Preview of monthly calendar printable on white desk with view of coffee mug, keyboard and gold pen.

Habit Tracking

Additionally, you can print more copies of this 2022 monthly calendar printable to use for habit tracking, especially when it comes to the kids in the family. They always enjoy seeing a tracker on the bedroom or refrigerator door. Since the calendar has plenty of space, you can let even first graders write inside, color, stamp, or add a sticker for tracking purposes. It makes any kind of habit tracking a lot more fun. From chores to challenges, your kids can track a variety of different efforts on multiple copies of the calendar.

Also, the design of these monthly calendars gives a full box for each day, so you never have to split a box in diagonal to accomodate. I’ve always been a stickler, annoyed by those types of calendars that need to smash in end of month days together. As if days at the end of the month have less events?! It’s usually the opposite in our family.

Kids Monthly Calendar

Actually my original intent for this large format monthly calendar printable was for kid-use. It’s large with plenty of space for kids that have larger handwriting. Print a copy for each kiddo and let them plan and get used to using calendars.

Truly, I don’t think it’s ever too early to introduce your kids to the world of planning, scheduling and productivity! Ultimately, staying on top of your responsibilities as well as scheduling project goals and special events is a great activity to do together. Maybe while mommy plans, the kids can spend that same time on their calendars planning as well.

Kids room with drawings framed on wall with preview of September 2022 monthly calendar on two page printable attached on wall.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using this 2022 monthly calendar printable freebie. And if you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more goodies.

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Preview of January 2022 monthly calendar printable on wooden surface.

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