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Give a simple but meaningful DIY wedding gift using special song lyrics to your friends and family this year!

Hey everyone- it’s Valerie from Occasionally Crafty, here today with a fun idea for a DIY wedding gift. It’s also perfect for Valentine’s day or as an anniversary gift (the second year is paper!).

Add a vinyl decal of your song lyrics to a picture frame for an instant personalized gift!

My husband and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day. We had already been talking about marriage, but since he was in the middle of finals, I didn’t expect a proposal anywhere near Valentine’s Day.  We went out for dinner, and he dropped me off at my apartment, telling me he loved me but that he had to go home and study.

After he left, he called me on the phone and told me he left a gift on my car for me.  I lived in a third-floor apartment, so I ran down the stairs to pick it up.  It was a small jewelry box- the perfect size for a ring.  He told me not to open it until he could be with me the next day.  Was it “the ring”? I wondered.  

As I returned to my apartment, I screamed as I saw a man inside my living room waiting for me.  It took me a minute to process that it wasn’t an intruder, but my boyfriend, down on one knee, waiting to propose to me.  After I got over my initial shock, I, of course, said “yes”, and now we’ve been married almost 15 years!

We still laugh about how he scared me to death that night.  I’m not sure that was the reaction he was going for.

This year on Valentine’s Day, I gave him a gift that I hope he found as meaningful as I did. This would be the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary for anyone in your life as well!

How to Make a DIY Wedding gift with song lyrics

Do you and your partner have a song? Or is there a song that reminds you of your relationship? Then this gift will be the perfect way to express how much you adore them!

Here’s how I made it. I hope you find this tutorial to be pretty easy to follow. It’s such a thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift.

DIY Wedding Gift Idea using Song Lyrics

1. Choose a photo of the loving couple

The first step is to choose the perfect picture.

I took a photo of the two of us from our recent family picture session and framed it.

The black and white print showed the song lyrics off the best. You can see how a color print works, but I recommend using a black and white picture.

2. Cut out song lyrics

Next, choose the song and cut out the most meaningful lyrics from it.

I cut out the song lyrics from a favorite song back in our dating days in vinyl, and applied it to the glass in front of the frame.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to design this, but if you don’t have a machine you could purchase your own decal online (many people will make custom designs for you!)

Studio Quote Design
Vinyl Song Lyric Quote

FYI- I used Lavanderia script for my song lyrics.

I made a red velvet bundt cake and gave this to my husband for Valentine’s Day, or for us, “Happy Engagement Day”.

Wedding or Anniversary Song Lyrics Gift Idea Photo Frame

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