Valentine Heart Bouquet


This simple DIY Valentine Heart Bouquet made with socks, pens and pencils is a great gift to make with your kids for their teacher this Valentine’s Day.

Hi my Kenarry friends; I’m Joannie Hambel from Hambels Get Real, and like you, I love making crafts. Today I am sharing a great alternative to the usual gift card or box of chocolates you give on Valentine’s Day. I made this for Jack and Kate’s teacher, but it would also be a great gift for any person in your life who loves socks and a little bit of whimsy.

This will look fantastic with our heart string craft. Decorating your home just got easier.

pinable image for making a heart bouquet
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This is so easy my seven year old daughter was able to do most of it. We bought most of our supplies at the dollar store. Don’t think you can only make this for Valentine’s day, this would be a great gift for any holiday, just adjust the socks and colors as needed!

sock rose buds and hearts made from card stock and attached to pens create arrows for this valentine heart bouquet.
We found this scalloped vase at the dollar store, but you can use whatever you like.

How to Make A Valentine Heart Bouquet

Grab some cute socks, pencils and pipe cleaners we are going to make flowers that last longer than a week. I love this heart bouquet because not only does it have socks that look like roses, it has pens that look like cupid’s arrows. So adorable!

valentine socks, gel pens and cute pencils are displayed on top of pink cardstock with pipe cleaner and floral tape.
Socks, pencils, pens, paper and pipe cleaners form the body of this heart bouquet

What you need: 

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Supplies For the Heart Bouquet: 

pianble image for the valentine heart bouquet tutorial.
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Valentine Heart bouquet Tips:

Folding your socks into Roses

sock is laid flat.
Separate your pairs of socks and lay them flat like this
sock is folded in half.
Fold the sock in half
sock is folded in half a second time along the longer edge;
Fold in half again
rolling the sock from the toe up creates the petals for the heart bouquet flowers.
Roll from the toe up

When you roll the sock it is okay if the edges aren’t perfectly flush, this will create the petals.

Securing your Rosebud

Cut your pipe cleaner in half, then twist it around the rose bud. Bend the ends back in and press together to look like leaves.

Pipe cleaner twisted around the rosebud secures keeps the rosebud from unwinding and forms the leaves of the flowers for the heart bouquet.
Don’t be afraid to get twist this tight.
green pipe cleaner secures the rolled sock in to a rose bud for the heart bouquet
After I looped them like this, I ended up pressing them in the center to look like a sharper tip.

Add the pencil

Turn your rosebud over and press the eraser end into the center of the base of your rosebud. Repeat this process for as many sock rosebuds as you like.

A pencil is pressed into the base of the sock rose bud forming the stem.
The pencil forms the stem of these rosebuds.
card stock folded and cut makes the hearts for this heart bouquet.
I used two different colors of card stock for this craft, but patterned scrapbooking paper or felt would be cute too

Creating the Heart Pen Arrows

Grab your card stock and fold them all in half. I used the edge of the pen to get a strong crease down the center, if you have a bone folder that would work great too.

a pen is pressing the fold along the card stock because the fold is against the grain.
This fold is against the grain and the pen helped create a tight crease.

Once you make the first fold, open it back up and fold the other ends into the center crease, then rip or cut the paper along the first middle crease so that you end up with two separate folded pieces of paper.

Repeat this to all of your pieces of paper.

Making the hearts

nested card stock allows multiple hearts to be cut at once
Nest two folded pieces of card stock together
pre cut hearts are used as stencils to make the hearts on the card stock.
Pre-cut two different sized hearts and use them as templates to stencil hearts on to your folded card stock.
Two sizes of hearts are drawn on card stock.
By alternating the colors you get two sizes of hearts in each color.
place one of the smaller hearts inside one of the larger hearts and attach them together with hot glue.
Nest two different size hearts together and attach them with hot glue

Attach the hearts together but only along the crease so that the edges of the hearts stay open. Once you have all of your hearts assembled, now it is time to attach them to the pipe cleaner.

hot glue is used to secure the assembled heart to the pipe cleaner.
Secure one assembled heart to the pipe cleaner.
Alternate the colors of the hearts to create true dart or arrow ends for the arrow pens in your heart bouquet.
I alternated the hearts as I went.

Turning the Hearts into a pen

hot glue secures the pipe cleaner to the pen
Secure the pipe cleaner to the end of the pen with hot glue
Floral tape secures the pipe cleaner to the pen and hides it.
Start wrapping the floral tape at the heart ends and work your way down to the pen tip.

Trim the pipe cleaner so that it ends before the floral tape does.

The hearts are secured to the pen with pipe cleaner and finished with floral tape, the floral tape stops just short of where the pend cap goes on so that the pen can still be capped.
I stopped just before the cap so that the cap would still work.

The floral tape will stick to itself, just pull it tight against the pen and tear it. Then press the torn end against the body of the pen. If there are any edges of the floral tape that isn’t pressing against the body of the pen, just press it with your fingers and the floral tape will seal against itself.

That’s it, now put your heart arrows and rose buds into the vase and add the candy. Tie a ribbon bow around the vase and add a card using an extra heart.

pinable image for valentine heart bouquet craft tutorial
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Valentine Heart Bouquet

Joannie shares how to create a Valentine Heart bouquet, a great alternative to the usual gift card or box of chocolates you give on Valentine's Day.
Work Time3 hours
Total Time3 hours
Keyword: conversation hearts, Valentine’s Day
Author: Joannie Hambel
Cost: $10-15



  • 6 sticks Pipe cleaner cut in half green
  • 3 pairs Socks
  • 2 sticks Glue for hot glue gun
  • 3 pieces Card Stock 8.5 x 11 Light Pink
  • 3 pieces Card Stock 8.5 x 11 Dark Pink
  • 6 pens Gel or other type
  • 1 roll Green floral tape
  • 6 pencils I used Valentine themed
  • 1-3 Bags Candy for vase filler
  • 1 roll ribbon – enough to wrap around vase and make a bow


Create the Sock Rosebuds

  • Separate your pairs of socks so that you can make six "rosebuds".
  • Fold your socks in half from the toe to the cuff.
  • Then fold your socks in half again, but lengthwise.
  • Roll your socks like a sleeping bag from the toe to the cuff.
  • Grab your half piece of pipe cleaner, wrap it around your sock rose bud, then twist to secure. Bend the ends back into the "rosebud" to form the "leaves".
  • Take a pencil and insert it into the base of your "rosebud".
  • Repeat to the other five socks. Place in the vase for later.

Create the "Heart Arrows"

  • Fold all of your pieces of card stock in half. Press the crease down firmly with a a pen or a bone folder.
  • Open the folded paper up and fold the ends into the center crease. See the pictures in the post for a reference.
  • Cut or tear the card stock along the first center fold.
  • Nest two of the folded pieces of card stock together and repeat to the other pieces of card stock. You should have 6 total. I alternated the colors as I went.
  • Draw half of a heart on one of your paper assemblies, using the crease as the center of the heart and then draw a smaller heart on another assembly the same way. Cut them out. When you open the creased paper half heart you should have a perfectly shaped heart. Use these as stencils for the rest of the hearts.
  • Fold the heart back up and trace the larger half heart on three of the assemblies and trace the smaller half heart on the other three assemblies.
  • Cut out all of the traced hearts.

Assemble the hearts together

  • Take a smaller heart, add a line of hot glue on the folded back and press it into the crease of the inside of a larger heart. I chose to alternate my colors.
  • Repeat this to all of the other cut out hearts. Group assembled hearts into groups of 4. You should have 24 total heart assemblies and 6 groups.
  • Take one of your pipe cleaner halves and one of your heart assemblies and place a line of hot glue along the back of the heart, press it against the end of the pipe cleaner.
  • Grab the second heart assembly, I alternated my color pattern as I went, place a lien of hot glue against the back crease and then press that against the end of the pipe cleaner and the other center crease of the first heart assembly. Repeat this process so that you have four total heart assemblies on the end of every pipe cleaner.

Attach the pipe cleaner to the pen

  • Place a dot of hot glue at the end of your pen and then press your pipe cleaner to the glue so that the tips of the hearts just touch the end of the pen. Let that dry and repeat to the other 5 pens.
  • Take your floral tape and wrap it around the heart and pen assembly and continue to wrap it down to the tip of the pen.
  • Before you get to the end, trim the pipe cleaner so that the sharp end will be covered by the floral tape.
  • Pull the floral tape tight against the end to tear it. Press it against the pen to so that the floral tape seals against itself.
  • Repeat to the other five pens.

Create the Heart Bouquet

  • Arrange the heart arrow pens and the rosebud pencils together in the vase. Pour the candy in around the pens and pencils to keep them all in place.
  • Wrap ribbon around the vase and tie a bow. Because my vase is tapered I used a small dot of hot glue behind the bow to secure it to the vase.
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