Free Laffy Taffy Valentine Printable For Kids


Share a silly and sweet Valentine with classmates using this free printable You Make Me Laugh Kids Valentine! Laffy Taffy candy optional. 

Hey there Kenarry readers! Trish here with a free printable with Valentine’s Day in mind. This cute Valentine is intended to be paired with Laffy Taffy candy; however, the sweet taffy is not at all required to share these February 14th notes. Keep reading for all the details and to download one or both of my two free printable “You Make Me Laugh”  Kids Valentines.  They go perfectly with our Valentine’s Day bookmarks!

Laffy Taffy Kids Valentines ready to deliver with mini candies and Valentine notes on a wood background.

For another cute kids’ activity for this month, download our heart printable pages for crafts and coloring!

How to Make A Laffy Taffy Valentine

Laffy Taffy or another laughable treat is sure to be enjoyed by friends and classmates when the treat is paired with either a pink or yellow-themed “You Make Me Laugh” Free Printable. 

What you need: 

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Craft/Office Supplies Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

Free Printable Valentine notes with Laffy Taffy candies on a wood background.

Laffy Taffy Valentine Printable Instructions:

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Prepared Laffy Taffy Valentine treat on a wood background.

2. Download the Free Printable Valentine.

After you receive the subscriber email in your inbox, follow the steps outlined in the email to save either one or both of the free printable Valentine cards by simply following the download instructions.

These adorable Laffy Taffy inspired Kids Valentines are available in pink and yellow. 

3. Print & Cut Out Valentine Notes.

Print this fun kids Valentine free printable then use scissors or a paper cutter to cut out the four Valentine cards by simply cutting along the solid lines.

4. Autograph each notecard.

Next have your child sign the Valentine cards by adding their name to the bottom of the You Make Me Laugh Valentine card on the line next to the “from” label.

5. Assemble Kids Valentine treats for classmates.

Assemble these cute Valentine creations by placing Laffy Taffy candy (or another laughable treat) into a small clear party bag. Next, fold one of the Valentine note cards over the open end of the bag. Finally, add a staple to secure the note card in place and there you have an adorable Valentine that is ready to share with friends and classmates.

Optional You Make Me Laugh Valentine Favor Ideas: 

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Two Laffy Taffy Valentine treats on a wood background.

What’s Next? 

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