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Looking for a 2023 printable calendar download to help for new year planning? Check out this freebie with yearly and monthly pages!

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla.com and I design printables to share with busy moms like you. Every year I create a printable calendar freebie with the month on two-pages. It’s a perfect minimal planner printable to add to your refrigerator door or home command center. With a dated calendar for the coming year ready to go, you can start recording and planning for all the dates relating to your kids and family members!

View of January 2023 printable calendar pages on white desk with notebooks on the left under a gold pen and mug of coffee in the upper left corner.

When it comes to planning for the whole family, I have always felt that I need more space in calendars. That’s why I created this minimal calendar layout on two-pages to gives myself lots of room for writing. The free download includes a one-page yearly overview and all the 2023 dated monthly calendars on two pages. This is also a great calendar to print for your kids, if they want to record daily memories, habits or a sticker a day in each box. Everyone can print a copy and use as they need for the upcoming year!

Preview of all the pages included in printable calendar download on a grey stone background with pink and red flowers on top border with green foilage.

2023 Printable Calendar Freebie

In order to coincide with the school year, I’ve created this calendar with a Monday start, keeping the weekends grouped together. You can easily download and print out these pages, then tape them up to a wall or add them to your home planner binder.

Want just the blank monthly calendar template? Check out this post for the previously posted template. If you are looking for more kid planning pages, check out this post for the perpetual kids planner pages.

What you need: 

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Preview of January 2023 monthly printable calendar pages on white desk with silver pen and notebooks underneath and green leaves in upper right hand corner.

Tips on Using 2023 Printable Calendars:

Family Schedule Overview

These days, most of us use a digital calendar to keep track of schedules and all the changes that might happen in real-time. But there’s nothing like seeing an overview of schedules on paper, somewhere in the house. That’s how I keep track of my family’s appointments and schedules, in full-view on a kitchen wall. Having a high-level overview of what is going on monthly, really helps me to keep it all together!

It really only takes 15 minutes a month to review what is going on and jot down the details in a monthly calendar print-out. Just download the 2023 printable calendar PDF and print on regular Letter-sized paper. I usually pin the monthly calendars onto a kitchen corkboard where everyone can see. If you have enough wall space, consider taping out the entire year on a wall!

Habit Tracking Calendar

Additionally, you can print more copies of this monthly calendar to use for specific habit tracking. Especially when it comes to little kids, they love seeing a larger view of the calendar and being able to draw a symbol, add a sticker or stamp in the box when they accomplish the task or habit for the day. With the month of two pages, you have plenty of space to work with. You can use this to track chores around the house or encourage your kids (or yourself) to form a new habit! Remember that with digital printables, you can print as many copies of this calendar as you need. I always find it helpful to place the calendar right next to where the habit or task will be completed, so you can quickly and easily mark it off daily!

Also, the design of these monthly calendars gives a full box for each day always. I never like to split up a box diagonally to accomodate long months because I find it super annoying!

Preview of yearly 2023 calendar printable one page stuck on silver refrigerator door in kitchen.

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Preview of yearly calendar printable page in wooden frame on top of kids room dresser with handing cloud mobiles and sailboat decor around.

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