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When you need privacy and no interruptions, use this do not disturb door hanger printable to let everyone know!

Hello, my name is Linda from and I’m a digital designer who creates printable downloads to share. I’ve designed this do not disturb door hanger printable as many of us need uninterrupted time in the house, especially during virtual meetings. I’ll definitely share some tips on how even teens and kids can use these effectively to help everyone respect boundaries in the family.

Preview of printable door hanger designs on white marble countertop with lavender flowers on the upper right hand corner.

Times have changed and we find ourselves more often need uninterrupted time for virtual meetings or maybe you just need a block of time to concentrate! The good old fashioned do not disturb sign actually works well for this kind of communication, so I designed a set of pretty, yet bold designs that you can print and use at home immediately!

Preview of printable door hanger designs on white desk with white candle, lined notebook and white tulip flowers.

What you need: 

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Using This Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Printable:

Print and Trim for Use

When it comes to digital printables, it’s super easy to download straight onto your computer and print at home. I’m very grateful for the technology we know have access to even with personal computers and printers at home. Once you sign-up with your email above, you’ll get the free printable emailed straight to you for download.

Once you have the PDF file on your computer, you can easily print at home or send it to your local print shop for a professional print. At home I use cardstock paper that is a bit thicker than regular printer paper. This ensures your door hanger is stronger to hold up to wear and tear. If you don’t have thick paper, you can also reinforce your regular printer paper by gluing the design on cardboard or several sheets of regular paper.

To cut the door knob hole, you can just trim along the design and cut a straight line from the right edge into the center of the hole in the design. It’ll take a bit of scissors work to cut out the circle, but it’s pretty easy to do with regular tools.

Extra Information for your Door Hanger Printable

There are two do not disturb door hanger designs in the free printable PDF, so you can choose your favorite color to use or print even more copies so everyone can hang one on their doorknob. The idea is to turn it around when not in use, so you just see the white backside. Then turn it around to the full color side when you close your door for privacy.

One tip for kids, teens and even us adults is to include a mini post-it note under the do not disturb text with details on exactly what you are doing behind closed doors. A simple description like online school session, work meeting or studying for science will suffice. Providing an explanation and context can really help everyone understand the needs of each member of the family. Ultimately, this helps us all respect each other’s spaces and privacy needs.

Preview of yellow printable door hanger design on white desk with blank notebook, pencil and corner of laptop computer and glasses in view.

Use for Gift Giving Wine

Finally, when it comes to digital printables, no doubt there will always be some extra uses possible. The do not disturb door hanger printable actually makes a great label when gifting bottles of wine to friends and family. It can be a bit of gag/joke gift for parents, because they probably need along time dealing with the stresses of life, work and raising kids!

However, you can also use the print out as a template and decorate the backside with a different relevant message for the occasion. Or simply use the back side to write your to and from greeting for your gift. This is another way to make sure of the digital printables you have in your library!

Preview of light blue printable door hanger on wooden desk with laptop, mug of coffee, two pencils and some lined sticky notes.

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What’s Next? 

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Preview of printable door hanger designs on rustic wooden planks with tied bunch of white flowers on the right.

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