Easy Blue and Orange Fall Decor Idea: Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins


Fall’s here, and who can agree that buying seasonal home decor can add up over the years? The solution? Make your own! In this post, learn how to make inexpensive toilet paper roll pumpkins- an easy blue and orange fall decor idea you will love! 

Hey there, Kenarry family! My name is Marina, and I’m the founder and voice behind the family lifestyle site Mommy Snippets. I love creating resources that inspire busy families, from easy crafts and quick recipes to engaging family printables and faith-filled encouragement. I can’t wait to share this tutorial to make one of the easiest blue and orange fall decor pieces!

This cute pumpkin will look perfect with a DIY white pumpkin next to it.

blue and orange fall decor-toilet paper roll pumpkin on a table

I love everything about Fall, but since we live way down in South Texas, it takes a good while before we start to feel the cooler temperatures associated with fall weather. So to make things feel like Fall, decorating one’s home with seasonal accents is just something many homes are passionate about! 

Now decorating your home does not need to put a dent in your savings if you build on the resources available around the house.

In this case, toilet paper rolls!

An Easy Blue And Orange Fall Decor Tutorial: How To Make Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins.

I love how easy this tutorial is.

How easy, you ask?

Well, easy enough for your young children to make their own toilet paper roll pumpkins independently, with little or no help!

Blue and orange fall home decor- a blue and orange fabric toilet paper roll pumpkin on a piano

What you need: 


Large Toilet Paper Roll Blue and Orange Fabric, Fabric Scissors, Wood Stump, 2 Brown Pipe Cleaners, a Pencil

Tutorial Tips for This Inexpensive Blue and Orange Fall Decor Idea:

Unroll The Toilet Paper Roll To Make A More Full Looking Pumpkin

If you use one of those large toilet paper rolls, you won’t need to unroll the toilet paper too much. Unrolling the toilet paper 5 times around should be plenty. After you go around 5 times, roll the toilet paper back up, ensuring you gently scrunch up the paper as you go along. This will make for a more full-looking pumpkin.

toilet paper roll loosely rolled up after scrunching the paper

Cut A Generously Sized Fabric Square

An easy way to ensure your fabric square is cut the right size is to place the toilet paper roll in the center of the uncut fabric and ensure all ends can be tucked into the center of the roll

Blue and orange fabric being tucked into the center of the toilet paper roll.

You don’t have to worry about this being a clean cut as the ends will be tucked into the toilet roll away from sight!

blue and orange fall fabric square

Loosely Tuck The Fabric Into the Toilet Roll

While wrapping the fabric around the toilet roll and tucking the ends into the toilet roll, take care not to pull the fabric in too tight.

The looser the fabric hangs, the more your toilet roll pumpkin will look like a real pumpkin.

Feel free to tug at the sides to help shape the fabric.

Blue and orange fabric wrapped around a toilet paper roll, to make a pumpkin.

Use A Wood Stump From Your Backyard

You don’t have to buy a wood stump. Simply use the thickest wood stump you find in your backyard. 

This will be used to form the pumpkin’s stem.

Fabric toilet paper roll pumpkin with blue and orange fabric and a wood stump

Use A Pencil To Help Form The Pumpkin’s Tendrils

Adding tendrils to your pumpkin is optional, but if you choose to include these, the easiest way to form the tendrils is with the help of a pencil.

Take one pipe cleaner and wrap it around the pencil.

brown pipe cleaner coiled around pencil to form pumpkin craft tendrils

Now carefully slide the pencil out to leave a beautifully formed pipe cleaner tendril!

brown pipecleaners coiled to form tendrils for a pumpkin craft

Ready to make a few toilet paper roll pumpkins?

blue and orange fall decor idea- a toilet paper roll pumpkin with blue and orange fabric

Blue and Orange Fall Decor- Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin

This easy-to-make Blue and Orange Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin is an affordable and quick way to bring a touch of Fall to your living spaces.
Prep Time2 minutes
Work Time5 minutes
Total Time7 minutes
Keyword: blue and orange fall decor, toilet paper roll pumpkin
Author: Marina John



  • 1 Large Toilet Paper Roll
  • 1 Blue and Orange Fabric Square
  • 1 Wood Stump
  • 2 Brown Pipe Cleaners (optional)


  • Take the large toilet paper roll and unravel the toilet paper 5 times around.
  • As you loosely roll the toilet paper around the roll, carefully scrunch up the paper to give more volume to the toilet paper roll.
  • Now place the rolled toilet paper roll on your blue and orange fabric.
  • Before cutting out your fabric square, ensure there's enough fabric on each end to tuck comfortable into the center of the toilet paper roll.
  • Now cut out the square. (This does not to be perfect. Uneven ends work as this will be tucked into the toilet paper roll tube.)
  • Once done, place the toilet paper roll in the center of the fabric and loosely tuck the fabric into the center of the toilet paper roll tube.
  • The step above will help cover the toilet paper roll completely with fabric. Feel free to tug loose any ends that are too taut.
  • The body of your pumpkin is now ready but is missing a stem. Insert the wood stump into the center of the tube to create the stem.
  • This next step is optional-finish off your pumpkin with pipe cleaner tendrils.
  • Coil one brown pipe cleaner around a pencil and carefully remove the pencil. This is your first tendril.
  • Repeat the step above to form the second tendril.
  • Carefully insert the tendrils into the center of the tube, held in place by the stump. Or wrap each tendril around the stump.
  • And there you have it, one easy and inexpensive blue and orange fall decor idea!
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Don’t these look darling? 

Toilet paper roll pumpkins - blue and orange fall decor tutorial

I love how simple these are, but they add so much Fall character to a space.

It may be fun to make several as a family to pass out as Fall gifts too.

Your child’s teacher would love to receive a pumpkin he makes!

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