Tips For Easy Fall Decorating


It’s that time of the year! Time to get out all the pumpkins, cozy blankets, and warm decor. I am sharing my tips for easy fall decorating that will help make your home cozy and fall ready!

Hey everyone! Amanda here from Old House to New Home, sharing my easy tips for fall decorating! I know I am usually a recipe gal around here, but I LOVE to decorate for fall, so thought I’d take a break from the kitchen to share how I spice up my house for my favorite season!

5 tips for easy fall decorating

Fall decorating should be really fun. I live in Western PA so we have the most beautiful weather here during fall. I love decorating my home for fall and have definitely learned some important tips and tricks along the way!

How to decorate for fall

I am going to share my five top tips for easy fall decorating and what decor basics I use again and again.

What you need: 

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Decor Basics to stock up on

easy tips for fall decorating:

1. make even swaps

This is my most important tip. Fall decor should feel warm and cozy but it should not be overwhelming. Make sure for every decor item you add, you remove an existing decor item. Store those brightly colored summer items away until next year.

Another great rule of thumb — once you are done decorating a space, step back, and look at it. Remove one item. It helps from spaces getting overcrowded.

Here is my summer decor in the foyer.

A foyer decorated for the summer

I removed the three brightly colored objects that screamed summer and replace them with three objects. An even swap!

Easy Fall Shelf Decor

2. Don’t forget to add in textiles

One of the easiest ways to add fall warmth and texture into your home is to swap out your blankets and pillows. Add super cozy blankets and pillows in fall colors to add subtle pops of fall!

Here is my favorite comfy reading chair in the foyer.

A reading chair with an orange blanket

Swap out the blanket for the same one in a more fall like color and I added two pillows! It instantly becomes more fall like and cozy!

Fall Blankets and Pillows

3. pick one outdoor area and make it a focal point

I know it is fun to add pumpkins and scarecrows throughout the front yard, but you can honestly have too much of a good thing. I see houses that douse their entire yards in fall and it’s just too much. Remember that Christmas is coming and that’s the time for excessive decor!

I like to focus on just my front porch. Forget the back of the house, the lawn ornaments, and the windows, just pick one area and it will draw enough attention without looking tacky.

Easy Fall Front Porch Decor

This front porch display is the only fall decor I added outside. It was just enough to add fall feels to my home without being tacky or overwhelming. I like to mix mums, a variety of pumpkins (I always skip the traditional orange pumpkins) and straw for texture.

4. Shop your house

You do not need to have complete sets of new decor for each season. Use what you have and shop your house. Find ways to transition your summer decor into fall decor.

A white bowl filled with small white decor pumpkins and 2 buffalo check pumpkins

I took this white bowl from my kitchen and filled it with mini pumpkins and voila! Beautiful fall decor! I use the same bowl for wooden Easter eggs in the spring and you could fill with glass ornaments at Christmas time!

Fall Decorating Made Easy

This olive bucket sits on the radiator cover year round. I added a few muted pastel pumpkins and it becomes instantly fall like!

5. Try a variety of “fall” colors

I think we all used to decorate in the traditional fall colors of orange, yellow, and reds, but recently, I have seen so many beautiful fall decor items in different color stories. I love beautiful teals and warm whites for fall. Don’t be afraid to do neutrals — it can still look very fall like!

A tin bucket with fabric pumpkins and wood beads

On my front porch, I added these beautiful gray and white pumpkins. I don’t think that most people think of gray and white as fall colors, but it helps to balance out all the bold traditional fall colors. I paired them with a white mum to continue the neutral theme.

The wood tones in the beads also help neutralize all the boldness and adds incredible warmth. Don’t dismiss wood tones when decorating for fall! It is an immediate way to add warmth!

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