Cleaning and Organizing Ideas

scrub free microwave cleaningWe know you’re busy and so you don’t always have the time to spend hours cleaning or organizing. We don’t want you spending more time than you have to with the vacuum when you could be working on one of our DIY projects instead! That’s why we’re always bringing you simple and quick cleaning and organization tips to get you started, keep you going, and make your life easier. Easily clean the microwave, organize your bathroom with pretty DIY bathroom storage jars, download our free ebook to keep track of monthly home maintenance tasks, organize your mudroom, and more with our awesome tips (like how to get a highlighter stain out of fabric)!

We’ve got everything from pretty storage to crazy easy organization tips that will make your life run smoothly, at least for a little while.

Not sure exactly where to start? Check out some of our most popular cleaning and organizational hacks: