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3 Clever Ways to Display Photos in Minutes

Pull those family photos out of storage (or off the phone). You’ll love these 3 simple ways to display photos in minutes!

It’s so easy to take photos in this day and age… but how often do we actually print those photos? Today, I’ll teach you 3 simple ways to display photos in minutes, and challenge you to start printing pics!

3 Clever Ways to Display Photos by Craftivity Designs

I’m Lora, of Craftivity Designs, and I’m passionate about Creating a Home that reflects our family. Sharing family photos is a must-do in order to create a personalized space…. and it doesn’t require walls upon walls of hanging picture frames. In fact, each of these ideas is nail-free!

3 Easy Ways to Display Photos

I’m a thrift-store lover, so you’ll find that each photo idea includes an antique/vintage item. However, there is no reason that you can’t share photos with new products, too. Pick an item(s) that reflects your style and the aesthetic of your home.

What you need: 

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1. Display photos With AN ANTIQUE Folding Ruler

Antique folding rulers are common thrift-store finds. However, if thrift shopping isn’t your thing, you can buy new folding rulers. Tuck family photos, whether old B&Ws or recent Insta pics, in between the folded sections.

Display Photos in a Folding Ruler, by Craftivity Designs

In our Vintage Laundry Room, an antique folding ruler was the perfect addition. The ruler fits the utilitarian function of the space, and seeing my smiling kiddos makes laundry less of a chore (or, at least, a happier chore).

2. Display Photos in Vintage Flower Frogs

Another common flea market goodie is flower frogs. Yes, they are designed for placing flower stems… but they’re also great for propping up family photos and artwork! Simply tuck your favorite pics in between the pointy tines.

Display Photos and Art in a Flower Frog, by Craftivity Designs
Display Photos and Art in a Flower Frog, by Craftivity Designs

In my daughter’s Budget Nursery, we displayed colorful art on the shelves with a vintage flower frog (psst… like the rulers, you can also buy new flower frogs).

3. Display photos IN Vintage Letter Holders

Finally — in order to really get the bang for your buck — buy a letter holder. This vintage brass stand cost less the $5 and displays tons of our Insta snapshots. It’s fun to flip through the photos and periodically rotate the visible photo in the front.

Photos on a marble countertop next to a gold file holder.
Display Photos with a Letter Holder, by Craftivity Designs

easy ways to display photos

It’s so important to have a few go-to, easy ways to share family photos. Why? So that you’ll actually do it! When displaying a family pic requires a hammer and nails, new frame, or strategic gallery wall planning… it becomes too easy to just put it off.

Am I right?! I know that I’m guilty.

So, that’s why I love these clever solutions. In only a few minutes, I can display new pictures or switch out the photos. Now, there is no excuse to delay printing those precious memories!

Want more ideas? Check out my list of over 40 creative photo display ideas.

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