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Make an Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art For Spring

Bring on Spring with quick and easy embroidery hoop wall art. These sweet hoops can be made for under $10 and in less than 30 minutes!

Hello! Michelle from Our Crafty Mom here and I’m happy to be back to share a fun Spring craft today! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for Spring! We have had some really tough snow storms, but that just makes Spring all the more enjoyable right? I think you appreciate it more after leaving behind freezing temps. So let’s get to the fun embroidery hoop wall art!

Bring on Spring with quick and easy DIY embroidery hoop wall art. These simple hoops can be made for under $10 and in less than 30 minutes with this tutorial! Perfect for a nursery, a front door, and more! #diydecor #spring #kenarry

How to Make Embroidery Hoop Wall Art For Spring

Keep an eye out at thrift stores or yard sales for embroidery hoops. You can usually find a few for just a couple of dollars. One thing I love about embroidery hoop crafts is how versatile they are. You can completely change the look by adding fabric, or paper as I will show you today. Use what you have on hand and most of all, have fun with it!

Finished image of embroidery hoop wall art for spring

What you need:

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed:

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed for Spring Embroidery Hoop Wall Art


1. Trace embroidery hoop on paper.

Lay the embroidery hoop on the decorative paper and trace it with a pencil. Cut the decorative paper to fit the hoop.

embroidery hoop with paper attached

2. Cut fabric scrap for a pocket.

Next, cut a piece of fabric to fit the lower half of the embroidery hoop and secure it with hot glue.

embroidery hoop with fabric attached

3. Add flowers.

Trim the flowers that you choose to add and place them in the pocket. I originally thought I would need foam to hold the flowers, but it was not needed. I like how the pocket is flat without the foam. Add as many or as few flowers as you like.

flowers in pocket of hoop

4. Add ribbon for hanging.

Finally, add a ribbon for hanging and you are done! You can add extra embellishments if you like. I had a few chalkboard tags that I made, so I added a Bring on Spring to the front of the pocket, but that is totally optional.

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

For the smaller embroidery hoop, I chose to add pompom trim around the hoop with hot glue as shown here:

pompom trim hot glued to hoop

Rather than add a pocket, I simply hot glued moss and small succulents. I try to use what I have on hand to keep costs down and love to mix things up. The pompoms are such a cute addition. Everything is better with pompoms!

succulent embroidery hoop for spring

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Spring embroidery hoops. I sure had fun making them!

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