How to Make an Easy Kitchen Memo Board

Make a quick and easy kitchen memo board in minutes! This simple memo board will help you organize recipes, notes, and more!

Interested in an easy, inexpensive project that will also make your kitchen more organized? Yes, please! Grab a few supplies and within minutes you can have a kitchen memo board hung sneakily inside your cabinet doors.

How to Make a Quick and Easy Kitchen Memo Board by Craftivity Designs

Yep! Inside the cabinet doors. No need to worry whether you have enough wall space, or if a kitchen memo board could feel messy. This corkboard is hidden out of sight, yet still right at hand (win, win!).

I’m Lora of Craftivity Designs and we have been working on our budget kitchen remodel. All of the big projects are done; which means I can focus on small projects such as:


This project is as quick and easy as they come! Seriously, in less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a spot to keep favorite recipes in the kitchen.

What you need: 

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Supplies Needed: 



First, confirm that the inside of the cabinet door is clean. Luckily, the inside of a cabinet door doesn’t typically have grime and buildup like the outside.

However, it’s still best to wipe down the surface before installing the memo board. A clean surface ensures that the command strips are secure.

Inside a Kitchen Cabinet Door, prepping for a Kitchen Memo Board by Craftivity Designs


Next, attach command strips to the cork square. Follow the directions on the command strip, making sure to attach the “command side” to the cork and the “wall side” to the cabinet door.

Command Strips on Cork Memo Board by Craftivity Designs

3. Install the Cork Square

Once the command strips are attached, peel away the “wall side” covers. Then, press it onto the inside of the cabinet door. Make sure to press on each corner to fully seal the adhesive.

Corkboard Memo Board inside Kitchen Cabinet by Craftivity Designs


In general, I’ve found that command strips provide mixed results. Sometimes I’ll attach an item with command strips and it won’t budge for years. Other times, it will hold well temporarily, but will eventually fail several weeks (or months) later.

Therefore, you might want to add a couple of small nails in the corners. If nailing anything into your kitchen cabinet doors makes you nervous (no worries, that’s me, too!), give the command strips a try for a while.


Finally, use pushpins to fill up the corkboard. Consider pinning recipes, measurement conversions, or even family photos (just to make you smile!).

Kitchen Memo Board with Recipes by Craftivity Designs

On our memo board, I like to pin “cheat sheets” for things such as:

  • smoothies
  • marinades
  • lunch/bento box meals
How to Make a Kitchen Memo Board by Craftivity Designs

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