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How To Make A DIY Magnetic Mason Jar Chalkboard

Make an adorable DIY Magnetic Mason Jar Chalkboard by updating a dollar store sign. It can be used as a grocery store list, or for a menu planner.

Hello! Michelle from Our Crafty Mom back today with an adorable magnetic mason jar chalkboard craft that’s made from a dollar store fall sign.

We all know how popular mason jars are, and this little sign is perfect for a kitchen. I have to tell you this lasted all of one day in my home before my daughter stopped by and dropped a hint about how cute it would look in her kitchen.

Like any mom would do, I promptly took it off the refrigerator and gave it to her. Because it’s so easy to make, I can whip up another one in no time!

diy magnetic mason jar chalkboard


You should be able to find most, if not all, of these supplies at a dollar store. So not only is this chalkboard adorable, but it can also be made for about $5! You can’t beat that.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

mason jar chalkboard sign supplies


1. Remove the burlap and twine.

Remove the twine hanger and the fabric piece from the top of the fall sign and save to reuse.

fall mason jar sign before paint

2. paint the chalkboard.

Paint the unfinished side of the sign with 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint using the foam brush. Let dry.

chalkboard paint on mason jar with foam brush

3. paint the CHALK HOLDER.

Paint the scrabble tile holder with 2-3 coats of white paint. You can also choose to leave it natural. Let dry.

4. add the fabric piece.

Use a little hot glue to secure the fabric piece that you removed from the other side.

fabric piece glued on mason jar chalkboard

5. Attach raFfia.

Tie a few strands of raffia around the top of the mason jar.

raffia tied to mason jar sign

6. glue the chalk holder.

Attach the chalk holder to the bottom of the chalkboard sign with hot glue.


Use the side of a piece of chalk to prime the chalkboard. Simply rub chalk up and down the chalkboard, then erase.

rubbing chalk on chalkboard to prime


Hot glue 3 magnets to the back of the chalkboard.

magnets glued to chalkboard


Now it’s just a matter of decorating your chalkboard, or just hang it up on your refrigerator to use as a grocery list.

finished chalkboard with grocery list

There are so many ways you can decorate with this chalkboard. You could add chalkboard art with a stencil or transfer. A seasonal quote would be really sweet on this sign. You could also add a few floral stems or leaves to the raffia.

It’s totally a matter of preference and what you like for your home. You can also make a chalkboard out of an old picture frame if that’s more your style.

mason jar chalkboard supplies and finished sign

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