Easy To Make Rustic Wreath


Create this easy to make Rustic Wreath with found sticks, pine cones and simple greenery. Add a touch of whimsy and the result is a beautiful wreath; great for the holidays or any time of the year!

This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom, and I would love to show you this easy to make Rustic Wreath. I’m a big fan of using found objects to create art. This wreath includes sticks and pinecones scavenged from our yard, along with a beautiful camper luminary to add that personal touch.

Easy to Make Rustic Wreath

To give it that added touch, I added Fairy Lights! This pretty wreath fits the holiday season and when the holidays are over, the luminary can be changed out! This beautiful wreath can be displayed year-round.

How to make a rustic wreath

A little backstory on this project. My husband and I sold everything we owned and hit the road in our RV five years ago. We have been traveling the country, living a simpler life and working seasonal jobs along the way. Life on the road is exciting and never boring!

Lately, my father-in-law has reached the point where he can no longer live alone. We needed a solution and struggled with leaving our transient lifestyle.

An RV and an SUV driving along a country road

We located a job in the state of New York, working on a farm. The job includes a two-bedroom house. Perfect for my father-in-law to stay with us! We have learned over the years to adjust to changes and while we are sad to have to store our home on wheels, we are excited about our new lifestyle on a farm!

So, with that said, I now have walls that need decorating! And…I have access to lots of great natural supplies and found items. A rustic wreath seemed like the perfect addition to our new farmhouse.

Supplies for a rustic wreath

What you need: 

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Wire and sticks for a rustic wreath


1. Create the wire frame

Use a pair of pliers to take apart the wire hangers. Bend the wire hangers to create the frame for the wreath.

You can make the wreath any size, but for this project, you will want to be a square about 18″ on each side. That will ensure that the 6-foot garland will go around the entire circumference when it comes time to add it. Use pliers to wrap the ends of the hangers together to connect the hangers and create the frame.

Attaching sticks to the wire frame for a rustic wreath

2. Attach the twigs to the frame

Cut the twigs to fit the frame. Place the twigs in a pleasing way and wrap the 16 gauge wire around them as you go. Twist the wire tight with pliers, attaching the twigs to each other and to the wire frame.

I knew that I wanted to add the camper luminary to my wreath, so I used a twig with a wide base for the bottom of the wreath.

Adding greenery to the rustic wreath

3. Attach the greenery to the wreath

Place the 6-foot garland around the wreath and tie in place with green floral wire.

Pinecones and twinkle lights around the rustic wreath

4. Add decorations to the wreath

Wrap the Fairy Lights around the wreath, placing the battery pack behind the area where the luminary will be.

Use floral wire to attach pine cones in a pleasing way. Hot glue the two trees in place, leaving room for the luminary. Hang the wreath and then place the luminary in place. (The luminary can be changed out for each season!)

A lit-up camper decoration for a wreath

I fell in love with this sweet camper luminary and just had to add it to this project. It is a symbol of where we came from. Our journey has not ended. We are just traveling a different road.

Easy to Make Rustic Wreath

This rustic wreath is my first addition to my new farmhouse! So much inspiration surrounds me. Stay tuned for more!

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