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Download this free printable stationery set with a beautiful calming lighthouse illustrated design, shining light ahead.

Hello! My name is Linda from I create digital printables because they are instantly accessible and easy to print at home. Today I’m sharing a free printable stationery set that is great for kids and adults alike! You can write heartfelt letters and send them to friends and family, especially during difficult times.

This free printable stationary is the perfect thing to use with our free printable envelope template. You’ll never run out of supplies again!

Lighthouse designed stationery set printed on top of desk with pencils and papers.

With the hustle bustle of daily life, sometimes we rely a bit too much on digital communication. Sure it’s fast and seemingly easy to do… but there’s nothing like getting an actual handwritten letter in your mailbox. It shows your recipient that you took the time and really care to connect. I think letter writing is really helpful in building a long lasting connection between friends and family who live far apart. Download this freebie and start sending letters today!

Envelope template and lined stationery paper with lighthouse design on desk with foilage.

What you need: 

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Download free printable stationery set

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How to use printable stationary

Printing tips

After downloading your printable file, it’s a quick and easy process to print at home. Open your file and bring up your print settings before clicking the “Print” button. The most important aspect is to make sure you select the highest quality possible with your specific printer and to use paper that is brighter white, if possible. Those two factors will give you the most brilliant and highest quality print possible at home. Alternatively, you can also send the files to your local printer for professional printing.

Since we all have different printers at home, the menu and settings might vary for each person and their computer. But it takes just a few minutes to read through the options in your menu and choose whatever you prefer. I usually glance at the sizing and paper quality – then check the print preview to make sure it looks good before hitting print.

Preview of envelope template printable with lighthouse design on desk with notebook and pencils.

trim and prepare printable stationery set

Once you have your free printable stationery set printed, notice that there are two pages to the set. The first page is the letter writing stationery papers. Simply cut the page in half to get two letter writing papers. If you want to write a longer letter, feel free to print more copies of this page to make more.

The second page of the printable stationery set is an envelope template with a matching design. Use your paper trimmer or scissors to cut out the envelope shape, then fold the flaps and glue to create your own handmade envelope. You can definitely use this envelope with postage to send through the mail or you can choose to protect it inside a standard envelope or enclose it with a gift you are sending out.

The lighthouse design for this free printable stationery set came from my thoughts around a light shining forward, leading the way to brighter days. It’s a lovely analogy that can be applied to many areas of life and I think it’s always great to write an encouraging letter to friends and family. Consider even lettering a motivational word or song lyric in the yellow light stream of the lighthouse!

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What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy this free printable stationery set download and it helps you to connect with family and friends in the traditional art of correspondence. If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more goodies.

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Preview of lighthouse design printable stationery lined paper and envelope template on desk with potted succulent.

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