How to Create a Paper Christmas Tree


Learn how to create a paper Christmas tree! This simple tutorial is easy on your wallet, and fun to make with just paper and glue. Add some pretty fairy lights and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table!

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun and making some of the decorations yourself can be very rewarding! This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom, and I would love to show you my technique for creating a beautiful paper Christmas tree you can use as a centerpiece.

Holiday Tree Made With Paper - An easy Holiday craft and DIY centerpiece

This pretty tree is made with simple cardstock in multiple colors of green, a low-temperature hot glue gun, and a bunch of folding. You will be surprised at how easy it is to learn how to create a holiday tree from paper!

I have to tell you that I have been moving this past month. While I’d love to say that my unpacking is finished, I’d be totally lying. I’m lucky to have found my toothbrush. So when it came to putting together this project, I needed a simple idea that used the few Items that I could find.

Paper and glue? I’ve got that! So let me show you how to put together your own paper tree!

How to make a paper Christmas tree

The supplies you need to create a holiday tree from paper - green cardstock, glue and scissors

What you need: 

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Use a large dinner plate to draw a circle on the card stock

1. draw a circle on the cardstock

You will use graduated circles of paper for this project. Start with the largest, or base of the tree. I wanted to use the majority of the sheet of 12 inches x 12 inches paper for the base. I used a plate as a template and drew a line about an inch larger around it.

Draw lines to create a cutting template

2. draw out the cutting lines on the cardstock

Use a ruler to find the center of the circle. Divide the circle into 12 relatively even sections using a pencil and the ruler. Add a smaller drawn in circle towards the center (about 5″ in diameter). The center circle does not need to be exact, it is just to help with cutting.

Cut along the lines towards the center

3. Cut the cardstock

Cut each section of the circle along the lines leading to the middle, ending at the center circle.

Fold the paper and glue them.

4. Fold the cardstock

Curve each section as shown above to create a small cone-like shape and add a drop of hot glue to hold it. Repeat for all 12 sections.

Flip the paper upside down - it looks like the base of a tree.

5. Add a center hole

Cut a hole in the center (for stringing your lights later), and then flip the finished section over as shown above. This is the base of the paper tree.

Add more layers to the tree. Make each layer smaller than the one before it.

6. Assemble the Paper tree

Repeat the first five steps above, using the hot glue to connect each layer to the last. Alternate the green colors. Continue until the holiday paper tree is about 3 inches from the height that you would like it to be. Gradually, make the circles smaller.

Making the smallest layer of the paper holiday tree.

As you get nearer to the top of the tree and the circles become smaller, it may be easier to begin cutting the circles into 8 sections rather than 12.

Create a beautiful holiday tree centerpiece with paper!  Simple paper folding tutorial.

7. final Assembly of the Paper tree

When the tree is near the height that you would like, create a cone from leftover scraps for the top of the tree. Before attaching it to the tree, string the Fairy Lights up the center of the tree, taping the battery pack to the bottom.

Create a beautiful holiday tree centerpiece with paper!  Simple paper folding tutorial.

Pull the lights through the top of the cone, and then glue the cone in place on top of the tree. Wrap the fairy lights around the tree. (Optional- take apart a couple Christmas picks to add a bit of color around the base of the tree).

Create a beautiful holiday tree centerpiece with paper!  Simple paper folding tutorial.

What did I tell you? Just a bunch of paper and glue, but the end result is so pretty! This added a touch of holiday spirit to my new home. Create your own holiday tree from paper!

Now I just have to find the rest of my craft supplies…

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  1. I made these back in 1969 from IBM cards we used to prepunch entry data for old IBM machines. I’m glad to see this craft revived! Thank you for the memories! ❤️

    1. Hi Karen,
      We’re so glad you love this. Yes, each layer is gradually smaller than the other as you work your way up to the top of the tree.

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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