No Cook FROZEN Playdough


Bring sparkle and joy into the lives of your little ones. No-cook Frozen playdough takes just minutes to make and brings hours of fun to your children.

No-Cook FROZEN Playdough is a simple way to bring some sparkle and joy into the lives of your little ones after the holidays. It takes you just minutes to make and brings hours of fun to your children.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

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No Cook FROZEN Playdough: Made with just a few simple ingredients

After you make it once, you’ll be able to make it easily the next time too.


Start by getting a big mixing bowl and gathering all of your ingredients:

No Cook Frozen Playdough

1. Put ingredients in a bowl

Pour them all into the bowl, except for the few tablespoons of water.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

2. Mix it all up

Start by mixing with a spoon. You can let your kids help you with this step.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

3. Knead it

Then begin kneading with your hands.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

It will start out crumbly.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

4. Add water to the dough

Add in the rest of the water at a time until it all sticks into a ball.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

You know you’re finished with the No Cook Frozen Playdough when there isn’t anything left in the bowl, except the finished product.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

5. Add food coloring

Press the dough down in the middle and place a drop of blue food coloring inside.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

Continue to knead the dough and add food coloring.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

Your final product will have a marbled effect.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

And your kids won’t be able to wait to play with it!

No Cook Frozen Playdough

How to Store No-Cook Playdough

Place the No Cook Frozen Playdough in an airtight bag to keep it soft and pliable. This can be a zippered plastic bag or a sealed plastic container.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

This Elsa loving girl was in heaven!  And don’t ask me why she has a bag of marshmallows in her hand, other than the fact that it was Christmas-time.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

She lost no time, and broke open the bag right away.

No Cook Frozen Playdough

She was entertained with this No Cook Frozen Playdough for hours and I was able to finish my laundry and vacuuming.  A win-win if you ask me!

No Cook Frozen Playdough

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Post Updated October 2019.

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