4 Ways To Use Old Windows As Antique Wall Decor


Find the solution to those empty wall spaces with these 4 ways to use antique windows as wall decor. They are full of history, character and possibility!

Large, empty wall spaces can be a puzzle when we are putting together our homes. Discovering a solution that is creative, economical, and stylish can at times be difficult. Today I’m sharing 4 ways to use old windows as antique wall decor.

Farmhouse Style decor using antique windows

Hi, I’m Rita Joy. If you’re a farmhouse style lover like I am over here at Harbour Breeze Home, antique windows may just be the solution. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and can add a sense of history and character to any space.

Our previous home was an old one with historical features. Antique windows fit in perfectly. However, now we live in a builder basic townhouse. I’ve discovered they work here, too. They give the sense of history and character I crave.  I’ll list a few examples of how I’ve used them in the past (and present!), and maybe you’ll discover that it’s the solution to your empty wall situation, too!

Where to Find Old Windows

As beautiful as these old windows are, where did I find them? Where do you find old windows for home decor?

Some of the best places to look are thrift shops and flea markets. You can also find old windows at auctions and garage sales. Basically, if you can think of a place selling something that is second-hand, go look.

4 Ways to Incorporate Old Windows into your Antique Wall Decor

Now, here are some ways that I used my old windows in my antique wall decor.

Antique Window as Wall Decor in a Bathroom

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1. Faux Mantle

Place a shelf below an antique window to form a faux “mantle” for display.

This window got a coat of homemade chalk paint and was the perfect fit above the bathtub. A simple shelf (you can find a similar option here) below held seasonal decor that could easily be changed out.

Antique Windows above nightstands

2. Bedside Decor

Hang (or lean) 2 narrow windows above bedside tables to give symmetry to a bedroom wall.

Square hardware wire (similar to chicken wire) is stapled to the back of these windows. It allows the option to clip pictures or notes on the front with mini clothespins.

Transform an old antique window into a message board

3. Farmhouse Style Message Board

Modify an antique window and turn it into a farmhouse style message board.

Years ago, an antique window became the perfect solution to both an empty wall and an organization system need.

Corkboard was fitted into the window panes so that notes could be tacked to it. It hung above an old dresser that was our “telephone table” and was a perfect – and practical – message center.

Antique Window with boxwood wreath hung in front of it

4. Display a Wreath

Layer a wreath (this is similar to the one pictured above) over a window to give architectural style and dimension to a space.

This old window recently got a mini makeover. I stripped off all its layers of paint. Then I stained it and hung it in the dining room.

The stained wood adds history and warmth to white walls, and the wreath hung with a simple ribbon gives it an extra punch of interesting color.

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