Create Beautiful Pandora Style Beads With Paper


Create beautiful DIY pandora style beads with paper! Use colored card stock, old magazines, or even junk mail to fashion colorful beads. A perfect project for a rainy day.

This is Suzy from Now more than ever, I find myself tasked with creating from what I have at home. I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to create using scrap paper, junk mail, and old magazines. Let’s look at how to create Pandora Style Beads with paper!

Paper Crafts: DIY Pandora Style Beads

Pretty, aren’t they? All you need is a chain and you can create beautiful bracelets and necklaces with these colorful beads. It is hard to believe that in a previous life, they were once junk mail and old scrapbooking paper.

Paper Crafts: DIY Pandora Style Beads

Since I have been in quarantine since mid-March along with the rest of you, I have found myself a bit limited on craft supplies. That is if I am looking for traditional supplies. But if you let your imagination flow and look around, you will see that there are so many things around you to create with.

In this instance, I used scrap paper and junk mail to create these beautiful pandora style beads!

Tacky glue, scrapbook paper, and bead cores

What you need: 

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How To Make dIY pandora style beads

A red sheet of craft paper with vertical lines drawn on it

1. Measure strips of paper

Choose the paper that you would like to use. In the example above, I used a solid color paper to better illustrate the measurements. Paper with multiple colors works best to create the pandora bead look. I experimented with quite a few types of paper for this project, and found that I liked working with junk mail the best. It was thicker and more colorful!

Measure 5/8″ strips with a ruler. Cut out the strips.

Red strips of paper

2. Cut the paper strips diagonally

Mark a line diagonally on each strip 1/8″ from the top edge, diagonally to 1/8″ from the opposite side of the bottom edge.

Scrapbook paper cut diagonally

Cut as many strips as you would like. Thicker paper such as card stock and junk mail uses less strips per bead than does thinner paper such as magazines.

3. Roll the beads

Rolling paper around a knitting needle

Starting with the wider end of the strip, wrap the paper strip around a size 8 knitting needle. Add a dot of glue with a toothpick here and there, as you wrap the strip around the needle, ending with the narrow part of the strip.

Depending upon the thickness of your paper, you will have to add on several more strips of paper. Simply roll them on top of what you have already rolled, wider end first and finishing with the narrow end.

A roll of scrapbook paper

Once the bead had reached the desired thickness, slide out the knitting needle

4. Add the Bead Cores

Adding bead cores to the rolled scrappbook paper

Add glue to the end of the bead and push bead core into the bead. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Add sealant to the beads

A bottle of Mod Podge

Use a glossy sealant such as Mod Podge Gloss to coat over the beads. This not only seals and protects the paper, but gives the beads a glass-like look. Use a skewer or smaller knitting needle to place the beads for easy coating.

Paper Crafts: DIY Pandora Style Beads

Collect your colorful junk mail and old magazines to create your own set of beautiful DIY Pandora beads!

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    1. Hi Patty,
      Great question! The length of the strips can vary depending on how long/wide your junk mail, scrapbook paper etc is. The main thing is to make sure it’s 5/8 inch wide. Depending upon the thickness of your paper, you will actually use several strips of paper to get your desired thickness for your beads (which is why the length can vary).

      Happy crafting!

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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