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Keep better track of your finances with this printable check register, so you never overdraft your account and always stay on budget!

Hello – my name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer who creates printable downloads. Today I’m sharing a printable check register PDF that I created to help with keeping track of finances. It’s more important than ever to keep on budget and the only way to do so is to keep track of all our of spending. Everything that comes in and everything that goes out, so we can make the best choices for our family!

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Preview of printable pdf of check register log on top of desk flatlay with monthly calendar and stationery clip.

I used to be able to keep track of my finances pretty easily in my head and just check online accounts every so often. But after getting married and having kids, the amount of transactions have increased so much that it’s easy to make mistakes!

There’s no better feeling than keeping on top of your finances, so going back to an analog system really helped me to hone in on my budget. The act of writing down transactions and making sure I was completely aware of every single movement really helps with my financial tracking. That’s why I created this printable check register to keep track of all things happening in my checking account.

Preview of check register PDF on top of white desk with pillows, gold pen and white marble desk accessory in the background.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Printable Check Register

The beauty of downloading this check register PDF is the ability to keep printing as many copies as you need as time goes on. You can print multiple copies for separate accounts and keep adding pages as your move forward with your tracking month to month.

What you need: 

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Tips on Using Your Check Register:

Download, Print, Organize

Once you have the free printable check register PDF downloaded to your computer, you can print as many copies as you need to help with your financial organization. I suggest printing a copy for every single account you want to keep track of and keeping each in a separate file folder or section of a 3-ring binder for safe keeping.

Note the bank, account number and starting balance for each account to start using your check register immediate. Then every time a transaction happens, be sure to note the information accordingly, so you can keep track of your balance in real-time.

Although most banking is done digital these days, the physical act of writing out each transaction helps you become hyper-aware of your financial situation and flow of funds. Trust me in saying that keeping a log will dramatically help with your budgeting!

Establishing Challenges and Rewards

When it comes to any kind of activity in life, I’m always up for transforming them into challenges and games to help with motivation. Although logging financial data might not seem fun at all, what if you challenge yourself to fill up one full page then give yourself a reward at the end?

It might seem like a silly carrot to dangle in front of yourself, but trust me in saying that it works! The idea of gamification for any kind of activity helps to drive people forward in taking action. Your rewards can be small little treats that you might have engaged in normally without reason. But now, you have a habit and reason connected to it, giving yourself justification and motivation.

Preview of check register PDF on top of countertop with variety of notebooks and rose gold pens on top.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you find this free printable check register useful for your financial journey. Enjoy! If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for more.

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Preview of printable pdf of check register log on top of laptop keyboard on marble surface.

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