Printable Money Envelope Template for Cash Budgeting


Need to get your finances in shape and start saving up? Download and make your own cash envelopes with this printable money envelope template for cash budgeting.

Hello! This is Linda from and I create digital printables for crafty folks like you! Today I’m sharing a printable money envelope template for cash budgeting. You can print out all the colors and use as is or use the design as a template to craft your own envelopes with the papers you have at home.

Use these cash envelopes with our Free Printable budget worksheets. Together, they will help you stay in control of your spending.

Preview of five printable money envelope templates on top of a white background with mac keyboard, plant leaf, clip and mug of coffee around edges.

Although many of us rarely use cash or prefer digital tools for finances, there are a lot of benefits to switching to a cash budgeting system. Even if it’s only to save for a few specific goals or special events.

Preview of light blue printable money envelope template on a white background with green leaves on top right corner and candle on bottom right corner.

How to Make Your Own Money Envelopes for Cash Budgeting

You might have already seen that it is a popular trend to see people sharing their cash envelope systems and processes for the purposes of budgeting. Whether you already have your finances under control or simply want to save a bit more for a special event or purchase, money envelopes might be the answer for you!

When you decide to set aside cash in a money envelope, you’ll find that having the money tangible in front of you changes your perspective. Oftentimes when we look at statements online, they are simply numbers and we seem to be far removed from the actual value of our money. You can make your own money envelopes to revamp your entire budgeting system from scratch. Or simply use these envelopes to stash away money for a future date. Either way, this printable money envelope template for cash budgeting will be useful to you!

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Tips for Using Printable Money Envelope Templates:

Printable cash envelopes shown trimmed and glued with 4 envelopes on top showing front and one envelope on bottom showing the back with flap open.

Print and Make Your Own Cash Envelopes

The free printable PDF includes templates to make five different cash envelopes, however you can print as many copies as you need, simply labelling the front to differentiate each envelope. This is a super affordable and easy way to start your cash budgeting journey.

With this free download, simply print and trim out the template with scissors. Then you can fold over the flaps and glue the sides together and that’s it! You’ve already made a cash envelope in less than 5 minutes! Easy peasy!

Some folks make a separate envelope for each savings goal or sinking fund. You can tailor the envelopes to your needs and make as many as you need depending on your specific financial setup. Don’t be afraid to make as many envelopes you need to separate out each budgeted item. The beauty of digital printables is that you can make and remake as many as you need!

Hand holding cash envelope made with printer paper and 4 other envelopes in the background on top of wooden desk.

Using Envelopes for Budgeting and Saving

When you have all your cash envelopes made, notice that the informational table is printed directly on the envelope itself. There is space for you to label your envelope and then keep a log of cash that goes in and out of the envelope. This is a very helpful way to keep track of all the transactions regarding each cash envelope, so you can see where the money goes and how much you are contributing.

Then, if you reach the bottom of the log and run out of space, you can actually just tape or glue another piece on top to continue your tracking or print another envelope to transfer everything over to a new envelope. Over time, your envelope will go through to wear and tear, so it’s helpful to always have the digital printable, so you can make another one!

Finally, there are many supposed gurus that explain the cash budgeting systems, so you can easily do a search and find information online. I don’t claim to be an expert in these matters, but I have found that even saving for a particular purchase or vacation in the future in this cash system is very helpful. It’s almost necessary to separate out the fund from your bank account so it is really put aside for future use. So why not dip your toe into cash budgeting and try saving for a specific goal to start out with? What do you have in mind?

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Preview of five printable money envelope templates on top of a pink background with white roses and heart decorations all around.

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