Printable Happy Anniversary Card Freebie


Download this printable happy anniversary card for free and give it to your loved one to mark your special milestone occasion!

Hi! I’m Linda from and I love creating and sharing digital printables. Today I have a lovely printable happy anniversary card freebie to share with you. Remember that the celebration of an anniversary is not only for significant others. It’s an opportunity to honor all of the anniversaries in your family and friend circles.

If you’d rather make a card, then check out this homemade anniversary card tutorial. Either way, these are cards you can’t buy in the store.

Preview of happy anniversary card on top red background with red heart shapes.

This heart-filled design with love is perfect for your special partner or even a friend. You can remind them of important milestones in your relationship and show your love and appreciation with this pretty design.


Just download this FREE printable PDF and print your own happy anniversary card at home. It’s simple, fast and easy to do!

What you need: 

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Supplies Needed: 

Preview of anniversary printable card on top of a white envelope with red and pink flowers and green foilage on the left.


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What to write inside your printable happy anniversary card:

A printable card design of hearts coming our of an envelope on wooden table with green fern leaves.


I find that we often overcomplicate a heartfelt gesture thinking it has to be dramatic or outperform a previous gift. However, we all know that the authentic words of a loved one are all we really need and truly care about.

So my first tip is to keep it simple. By taking to craft a message for the inside of this card, you are showing that you care and took the time to create this happy anniversary card to begin with. However, the message inside will be much more important than other material goods.

You can still keep it simple by declaring your love, your devotion, and your trust. I do believe that your earnest feelings written out will already mean so much. And oftentimes the simple straightforward message rings the truest and most loving.

Preview of anniversary card printable on desk with notebooks, writing utensils, creme flowers and a clear crystal decoration.


Of course, I know that it is inevitable to want to add material gifts to any anniversary celebration. You can certainly consider adding handmade touches to this printable card in the form of glitter, stickers, and perfume.

This anniversary card also would pair well with fresh flowers, boxed candy, or a nice bottle of wine. However, I would also suggest thinking about gifts of experience and quality time spent together. Those are said to be the most fulfilling gifts and the presentation of that gift can be inside the card or written into the message you write.

Whether you love vacations, tours, or an outdoor challenge together, gifts of time and experiences together are always a much-appreciated addition.

What’s Next? 

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Preview of happy anniversary card on top of glitter, red and pink heart shapes.

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