How to Personalize A Wood Bottle Caddy And A Free Father’s Day Gift Tag


This wood bottle caddy with built-in bottle opener is a great Father’s Day gift idea and can be easily personalized with a special message or name. Plus download and print your FREE Father’s Day gift tag and your gift buying is done!

Hi Kenarry readers, it’s Lori from Greco Design Company and I have the prefect Father’s Day gift idea – or even an idea for a hostess or birthday gift. Add your favorite beverage and a simple stamped personalized message to make it even more special.

How to Personalize a Wood Bottle Caddy and a FREE Father's Day Gift Tag

Finding a gift for Father’s Day can be hard. But a personalized gift is much more meaningful – and this wood bottle caddy is also very useful! It can be used to hold soda (pop, coke, whatever you call it) or beer.

Plus I’m sharing a free printable gift tag too!

How to personalize a wood bottle caddy

A wood bottle caddy

I found this wood caddy at HomeGoods but you can order it online here. It’s a sturdy, rustic style holder with a built-in metal bottle opener. So it’s cool and purposeful. The wood slats on the side are the perfect place to add a personalized message. Just follow the simple steps below:

What you need: 

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This is what you need to use to personalize a wood caddy - letter stamps, black ink, permanent markers, a wood caddy.

Supplies or Ingredients Needed: 


This is such a simple craft! You can even involve your kids in this DIY father’s day gift idea and they can decorate it too.

1. Measure where your message will go

Start with the middle letters and then stamp the rest of the letters on either side.

I did a simple “cheers” message and I wanted it centered on my caddy. When adding your personalization, figure where the center of the word or phrase is and line it up to the center of the caddy. Next, stamp the letters on either side of the center mark, then stamp the rest of the letters on the caddy, out from each side.

2. Clean up any unwanted marks

How to remove extra ink from wood - just sand it off.

If you have some extra ink marks from the stamps you can lightly sand them off. This step isn’t necessary though, the additional ink just adds to the rustic look.

3. fill in your letters

Use a permanent black marker to fill in the letters and make them darker on the wood.

The ink for stamping is a little faint on the wood, so I use an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie marker to fill in the letters.

4. Add your ribbon and favorite beverage

How to Personalize a Wood Bottle Caddy and a FREE Father's Day Gift Tag

A rustic burlap ribbon tied to the handle adds a finishing touch. Then add your recipient’s favorite beverage.

5. don’t forget the free gift tag!

 A free printable happy father's day gift tag.

I painted these fun tags that you can add to this caddy – or use them for any Father’s Day gift.

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Your gift is ready!

How to Personalize a Wood Bottle Caddy and a FREE Father's Day Gift Tag

Download and print your gift tag onto a white cardstock for best results. Cut the tags out, punch a hole in one of the corners, and tie it onto your caddy with twine or ribbon. Now your gift is done!

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