DIY Rolling Laundry Hamper


Make your own rolling laundry hamper with fun colored rolling casters for an easy and pretty way to store all those dirty clothes.

Hi Kenarry readers! It’s Lori from Greco Design Company. I recently made over my daughter’s bedroom closet area and one of the DIY projects I did for this transformation was to make her a rolling laundry hamper. It was an easy project that’s been super useful, and it looks adorable in the space.

This is the perfect laundry basket for a farmhouse or cottagecore desigh. If you want something that will fit better in an athlete’s bedroom, then make a basketball laundry basket that makes laundry into a game.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

I love this cart because I don’t have to go around picking clothes up off the floor. And she especially loves this hamper because it has pink wheels! And also because these pretty pink wheels let her move this cart around easily to where she needs it.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

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To make your own rolling laundry hamper, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Round canvas or fabric bin. I found the beautiful white cable knit bin at Michael’s. I didn’t see it online but you can check the stores or most home decorating stores.
  • 2 round wood chargers – also from Michael’s. Mine are 14″ round. These pieces should be slightly smaller than the width of your bin. You can also cut your own round circular pieces if you have the skills and tools.
  • Rolling casters. I bought these pink ones from Need Casters. You can also get a few other basic color options at most home supply stores.
  • Paint or stain
  • Elmer’s Pro Bond or any multi-surface glue
  • 3 screws, plus screws for the casters
  • Drill and a screwdriver
Rolling Laundry Hamper


First, I painted the chargers with 2 coats of a white wash and then a coat of polyeutherane. I went with these finishes because I wanted the wood to match a piece in my daughter’s room. You can paint or stain the wood whatever color you choose. Let the wood dry completely.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Glue one charger onto the inside base of the bin using your multi-surface glue. Let dry.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Then glue the other charger onto the outside base of the bin. Try to line these up as best as possible. We’ll also be screwing these pieces together but I think the glue helps to hold them in place while attaching the screws.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Once the wood pieces are glued on, you’ll need to add screws to attach the two wood pieces more securely. I drilled 3 small holes into the bottom piece and manually screwed them in.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Next, you’ll need to attach the rolling casters. I used 4 casters and spaced them evenly across the wood bottom. Then I used screws to attach.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

Now you have a pretty and useful rolling laundry hamper. This makes a great addition to any bedroom, closet area or laundry room. You can also add lettering or a hanging label that says “LAUNDRY”.

Rolling Laundry Hamper

What a pretty way to house all those dirty clothes.

And…to help keep track of all of your clothes special laundering needs, use these free Printable Laundry Care Reminders.

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