DIY Star Die-cut and Washi Tape Note Cards


Make your own unique note cards with a fun star cut-out and colorful washi tape. Learn how to work with paper and washi tape to create custom stationary.

Hi all, this is Lori Greco back again from Greco Design Company. I’m sharing my DIY Die-cut Star & Washi Tape Note Cards with you today. Boy that was a mouthful! These note cards are super easy to make and I have even provided a star template that you can download, print and use as a guide.

DIY Die-cut Star and Washi Tape Note Cards

If you’re like me, I always seem to need a card for things like birthdays, a thank you, a school message, or just a simple card to send a note to a friend. Cards are so expensive and store-bought ones can be so impersonal. Being a graphic designer, I have made a lot of my own cards and stationary but when my daughter needed to send out thank you notes for her birthday, I wanted to make something a little different.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step-by-step instructions:

Star template for die-cut note cards

1. Download and print this star stencil

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die-cut star stencil

2. Cut out the star and trace it onto the front of the note cards

I drew my star on the top center of the card so there would be room for writing inside. This also allows space for a message – like “thank you” or “hello” – to go on the front under the star if you choose to include one – or you could keep the front blank.

Star template for die-cut note cards

3. Using your x-acto knife, trim the the star out carefully

I didn’t use a ruler because it made it harder to see where the lines started and ended. Erase any pencil marks.

Die-cut star stencil

A little tip about cutting a straight line: always look slightly ahead of where you’re cutting and it will be much straighter than if you look directly where you’re cutting. 

Washi tape used on note cards to fill in open star die-cut shape

4. Apply the washi tape

Open the card and apply 4 strips of washi tape on the inside bottom half of the note card so that they show through the star die-cut.

hand writing message on DIY note card

5. Add a message

If you want to include a hand written message on the front of the cards, simply print out a font that you like and either trace it onto the card or freehand it with a pencil and then a thin black marker. Mine’s not perfect but it adds to the homemade look of these cards.

die-cut star cards with washi tape

6. Create more!

Make a bunch in a variety of colors and patterns.

Die-cut star note cards with washi tape

7. Insert into envelopes

Mix these note cards with colorful envelopes so they stand out nicely. Add even more interest by sealing them with a strip or two of washi tape. Now you have custom made, die-cut washi tape note cards to use for an occasion!

Die-cut Star and Washi Tape Note Cards - DIY Craft Idea for Thank You cards and other notes

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