DIY Easter Basket Paper Craft Tutorial


Make a DIY Easter basket from Kraft paper and fill it with treats for a creative handmade gift for kids and adults.

I’m Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama, sharing a fun and easy paper craft for spring. Learn how to make a DIY Easter basket that’s gorgeous and simple. You may just want to decorate with them all spring long!

DIY Easter basket with a green Squishmallow bunny and chocolate candy carrots.

If you’re used to purchasing ready-made Easter baskets for your family, you’ll love how easy it is to DIY your own basket for a custom and creative gift. All you need is sturdy paper and a few office supplies to get started.

These are great for not only kids, but also for adults, neighbors, teachers, or anyone who you want to surprise with a little basket of treats!

Empty kraft paper basket woven with 3 rows of paper and a handle glued in the center.

We used brown Kraft paper, but you can swap it for colorful scrapbook paper or card stock. Make it all one color, or use several to create a unique pattern.

If you’re making this craft with kids, younger ones will probably need a bit of help measuring and cutting. Weaving is a great activity for practicing fine motor skills!

How to Make a DIY Easter Basket

This simple paper craft makes a small 4-inch square basket, but you can easily scale it up larger (or smaller) by adjusting your paper size. To determine your finished basket size, divide the width of your paper by 3.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools: 


These are the supplies you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

Handmade paper Easter basket woven from brown kraft paper and filled with chocolates.

What to Put in a DIY Easter Basket:

If you need ideas for what to put in an Easter basket after you’ve made it, here are some of our favorites!

Crayons and a mini coloring book

Look for mini packs of crayons in unusual colors (neon? glitter?) and miniature or travel size coloring books, puzzle books, or similar. You could even DIY your own with printables from your favorite bloggers.

Spring activity supplies

In the northern hemisphere, Easter kicks of the new spring season. Get the kids excited about warmer weather with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or a jump rope – anything that gets them playing outdoors.

Filled Plastic eggs

Fill plastic eggs with a mix of candy and toys, or send your kids on an Easter scavenger hunt. Leave a single clue in the empty basket, with each one leading to the next until they find the final prize!

Plushie stuffed animals

Although your child probably has too many stuffed animals already, it’s hard to resist a soft and cute little face! Look for trendy toys like Squishmallows, Funko plush, and Tsum Tsums.

DIY Easter basket with a green Squishmallow bunny and chocolate candy carrots.

Small toys

There are plenty of non-candy items to include, like play dough, stickers, or fidgets. Make it a themed basket by including items from your child’s favorite show, a hobby, or a single color.

Classic Easter candy

There’s a reason certain candies are classic for Easter. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and Cadbury eggs or marshmallow Peeps.

Overhead view of chocolate bunny beside a basket of Starbursts, peanut butter eggs, and chocolate carrots.

For Teens and adults

You’re never too old to appreciate an Easter basket full of goodies! Look for small, simple treats like bath bombs, fancy pens, nail polish, garden seeds, or sample/travel sized food and cosmetics.

DIY paper basket from brown kraft paper filled with Easter candy.

DIY Easter Basket

Work Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Author: Keri Houchin
Cost: $1



  • 2 sheets kraft paper 12×12-inches
  • 1 stick Elmer's glue or craft glue


  • Draw and cut out the basket base.
    Start with a 12×12-inch piece of brown Kraft paper. Measure 4 inches from each end, mark with a pencil, and connect the marks to draw a 4-inch square in each corner. Cut out those squares to create a plus sign-shaped base.
    Brown paper with square drawn in each corner.
  • Cut the basket strips.
    Next, measure and mark 1-inch intervals along all 4 ends. Draw lines and cut each end into a strip. You should have 4 strips on each leg of the plus sign shape.
  • Cut the weaving strips.
    Take a second piece of 12×12-inch paper and cut it into 1-inch strips. You’ll have a dozen that measure 1×12-inches.
  • Crease the basket base and begin weaving.
    Back at the basket base, fold each of the strips up and crease them. Take one of the 1×12-inch strips and fold it in half. Lining up the corners, begin weaving the long strip between the vertical strips. Repeat with a second strip on the opposite corner, tucking the ends in where they overlap.
  • Continue weaving additional rows.
    Repeat step 4, adding a second and third row of weaving. Be sure to alternate which corners you start as, as well as the direction between the vertical strips.
  • Fold and trim the top of the basket.
    After 3 rows, you’ll have about an inch of each vertical strip sticking up. Fold each tab down, alternating inward or outward, to secure it against the woven basket sides. Trim each tab by approximately half so that the fold is 1/2-inch or smaller.
  • Add the basket trim.
    Take 2 more 1×12-inch strips and fold them in half lengthwise and crease them well. Fold them again width wise and slide them over the edge of the basket to cover the folded tabs. Use glue to secure it in place and old it with clothespins or binder clips until it has dried.
  • Attach a handle.
    When the edge has dried, remove the clips. Use 2 more 1×12-inch strips to make the basket handle. Add a dab of glue to the center, then clip it to hold. Add more glue to the ends and position them on either side of the edge. Use more clips to hold them in place until the glue is dry.
    A brown paper handle attached to the top of a woven basket shape.
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