St. Patrick’s Day Wreath with Printable Shamrock Template


Make a St. Patrick’s Day wreath with a few inexpensive materials. Use the printable shamrock template and it’s a very simple project anyone can make.

Hey y’all, it’s Cat from Mary Martha Mama.  March just signals the start of spring and all things green, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Brighten up your front door with this easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

While you’re decorating your home, check out this free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Banner. It goes perfectly with the wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath hanging on a door

I love projects like this because you can use up some scraps of fabric and felt if you have them or you can purchase what you need for very little money.

How to Make A St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

You can use the idea here and the shamrock template as a starting point and really personalize it to make your wreath your own.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

supplies sitting out


1. Download the Shamrock Template.

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2. Cut Out The Shamrocks.

Once you’ve printed out the shamrock template cut them out and use them to cut shamrocks out of the felt.

shamrocks cut out of felt using the shamrock template

3. Wrap The Wreath in Fabric.

Take your scraps of fabric and cut them into long strips about 2-3 inches wide. Use the hot glue gun to glue the beginning of one strip to the back of your wreath form. Then wrap it around, overlapping by about an inch.

the foam wreath form being wrapped with fabric strips

When you get to the end of the strip then glue it to the back of the wreath. If your strip doesn’t end on the back, trim it so that it does.

Keep adding strips, gluing the ends to the back of the wreath form. Wrap until the wreath is completely covered.

the foam wreath form completely wrapped with fabric

4. Attach the Shamrocks.

Before gluing try arranging the shamrocks to see what you like. Once you find an arrangement that you like then use your hot glue to glue them down into place.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath hanging on a brick wall

Hang it on the front door and you’re done!

St. Patrick's Day Wreath hanging on a door
St. Patrick's Day Wreath

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