Valentine’s Day Treat Bags (Hand-Stamped)


Hand-stamp your own Valentine’s Day treat bags for a fun holiday craft project. This easy tutorial will show you how to make them and includes ideas for what to fill them with.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to show your love for those around you. Why not try making some simple treat bags?

Hello! Michelle back from Our Crafty Mom sharing adorable treat bags that you can easily make for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Hand stamped valentine treat bags with pink hearts.

Not only are they a quick and easy project, but they also add a handmade touch that everyone will appreciate. Plus, you can use them to hold anything from candy to small gifts. Best of all, you can hand-stamp them with fun messages or designs that reflect your personality.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Here is a super simple tutorial so you can make treat bags for your friends and family to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

Valentine's Day treat bag supplies on wood background

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags Tips:

Stamp The Treat Bags

I find it easier to place the ink pad on the rubber stamp. You want to ink around all parts of the stamp, especially the edges.

using rubber stamp on heart stamp

Be sure you are stamping on a hard surface. You want to place the inked stamp in the center of your treat bag and press firmly. You don’t have to put your weight into it, but rather just press straight down.

This will help avoid any bleeding. Also, trust me when I say don’t try to line it up and stamp a second time-it never works. Ask me how I know this. 🙂

Tips For Stamping The Treat Bags

Lift the stamp up slowly so you don’t get any ink on the rest of the bag. Don’t worry if it comes out a little light, that just adds to the vintage look of the stamp.

Don’t you love the boy and girl on the bicycle? I was a stamp demonstrator for several years and have had this stamp forever. I forgot how much I missed stamping. It’s such a relaxing craft.

stamping treat bag with red ink

You can use any color ink you like and also use more than one stamp if you want. I had a smaller heart in my stash that was the perfect size for these little treat bags.

8 hand stamped treat bags for Valentine's Day

Ideas For Filling The Treat Bags

Here are some ideas for what to put in these little bags.

  • The obvious one is candy. Hershey kisses, mini peanut butter cups, any small wrapped candy that the recipient likes.
  • For my nieces, I plan to make small heart shaped crayons with a mold. Stay tuned for that!
  • Non-candy ideas for kids would be erasers, mini gel pens, little games that you can find at the dollar store.
  • For my sisters I plan to add handmade soaps, or bath bombs. You can wrap it in parchment paper.
  • Turn them into sachets by filling them with lavendar. You would just have to hot glue the top closed.
  • This bag is the perfect size to hold a gift card too! Or even a little cash.
valentines day vignette with treat bags

What would you fill these treat bags with? Leave a comment below to let us know.

treat bags in silver bowl

Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Create adorable little treat bags for Valentine's Day with rubber stamps and muslin bags.
Work Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Keyword: handmade gift, Valentine’s Day
Author: Michelle James




  • Lay your treat bags on a hard surface.
  • Ink your rubber stamp by pressing the ink pad onto the stamp.
  • Place the inked stamp into the center of the treat bag and press firmly.
  • Slowly lift the rubber stamp. Let the ink dry.
  • Fill your treat bags and enjoy
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Valentine's Day treat bags with canvas bags, red ink pad, and rubber heart stamps.

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