Front Door Wreath From An Embroidery Hoop


Make a super simple front door wreath out of an embroidery hoop. It’s an elegant way to dress up your front door, and a perfect craft for beginner DIYers.

Hi Kenarry friends! I’m Rita Joy and I’ve been busy over at Harbour Breeze Home working on some door projects. I’ve cleaned them up, painted the insides a new color, and added sparkly new hardware. Now it’s time for the finishing touch ~ a wreath.

I don’t have much experience with wreaths hanging on doors, but thought this embroidery hoop wreath would be the perfect finishing touch for our front door.

How to make a front door wreath out of an embroidery hoop

How to Make a front door wreath out of an embroidery hoop

This wreath will decorate your front door. It doesn’t take much effort or time. And the best part is it timeless, so it is the perfect wreath to hang up between seasons.

Supplies for an embroidery hoop front door wreath

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Supplies Needed:

Greenery for an Embroidery Hoop Front Door Wreath


I broke down this tutorial into easy steps with pictures. Follow along and make your own. It’s so easy!

1. Arrange the greenery

Loosely lay out the arrangement of flowers until you get a look you like, starting with the background greenery first.

Wire on green faux grass to the embroidery hoop wreath first

2. Attach the greenery to the hoop

Using the floral wire, attach the greenery in small bunches.

twist wire around faux greenery to attach it to an embroidery hoop wreath

Use the tip of the wire cutters (or needle-nosed pliers) to grab the wire and twist it to make it tight against the hoop. Lay the twisted ends up against the side so they don’t rub and scratch against the door when hung.

wired on greenery on an embroidery hoop wreath

3. Wire on additional greenery going the opposite direction

However, if you choose to do an arrangement going the entire circumference of the hoop, have the greenery always pointing in the same direction.

White flowers on an embroidery hoop wreath

4. Layer on some flowers

This is where the project gets interesting. As you lay on flowers, stand back and look at the wreath from a distance. As I began this process, I totally changed directions from my original plan. Rather than use only small flowers, I decided to make these 3 larger ones the focal point of the arrangement.

Attach flowers one at a time to an embroidery hoop wreath

5. Attach the flowers one at a time, or in 1 small bunch at a time

Just like when you are making a flower arrangement in a vase, it is best to work with one bloom or a small bunch at a time. This allows for much more precise positioning of each flower.

Add small flowers and greenery to fill in an arrangement on an embroidery hoop wreath

6. Fill in the arrangement with small buds and green leaves

Once the large buds are in place, fill out the arrangement by adding in small buds and green leaves. Again, stop and look at the arrangement from a distance as you are working on it to see what needs to be added.

Jute ribbon to hang and embroidery hoop wreath

7. Attach a ribbon or string to the top and hang it up!

The ribbon can be a major design element to a wreath. I chose to use jute for this one, but a wide burlap ribbon would also look really nice. The wreath would also look fantastic with this Leather Wreath Hanger!

This embroidery hoop wreath has a special place of honor on the inside of our door. I wanted it to be a pop of pretty, as it is seen from the living room, dining room, and kitchen!

Embroidery Hoop Wreath hanging on the door

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