The 25 Hottest Gifts For DIYers They Actually Want


What do you get someone that loves arts and crafts? This list has all the gifts for DIYers that they want, and will use.

Staying home is so much more fun when you have lots of projects to make. These gifts for DIYers can be used to make a bunch of different things.

The 25 Hottest Gifts For DIYers They Actually Want

When you are stumped about what to get someone, the best way to come up with a gift idea is to think about what they enjoy doing for fun. If you know someone that enjoys crafts and DIY projects, these are the gifts they will really love receiving. 

Buy them any of these craft gifts and they will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The Best Gifts for DIYers and creative people

Browse this list of craft tools and supplies and begin shopping! These are things that people are going to really love this year.

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Cricut Explore Air 2 

There are so many things that people can make with this popular cutting machine. People use it to make DIY wall art and custom t-shirts. 

What makes the Explore Air 2 so desirable is that you can buy them in a variety of colors. Plus, they are so slim that they are easy to store. 

If you really want to impress someone, buy them a bundle that includes the machine and a bunch of supplies.

Set of Paint Brushes

Another fantastic gift for anyone that enjoys arts and crafts is a set of paintbrushes that comes with its own carrying case. 

Try to buy them paintbrushes that are made for the type of art they enjoy doing the most. If you don’t know the type of painting they do the most, you can get them a multipurpose set

Wreath-Making Supplies

A really fun hobby that is easy to learn is wreath making. Even beginners can become pros after just trying it a few times. If someone you know wants to try wreath making, get them a gift box of these supplies – it is everything they need to start learning how to make wreaths: 


There are so many DIY projects that you can make with paint. Buy a large set of acrylic paint and some white coffee mugs so they can make their own painted coffee mugs. 

You can also buy them a set of watercolors if they enjoy creating their own landscapes or watercolor artwork.


When you give someone the gift of a set of canvas, you are giving them a gift of artistic creation. Unless you find them on sale, a set of canvas isn’t always cheap, so everyone will appreciate this gift.

Marker Set 

Every crafter needs a professional set of markers. They can use them for hand-made cards or scrapbooking and even making wall art.

Mod Podge 

Another thing to give a DIYer is a set of mod podge. They can use it for decoupage and decorating home decor crafts.

Washi Tape Set 

Every crafter and journaler loves washi tape. Give them a gift set of washi tape, along with a dispenser and a cabinet in which to store it. Try to give them tape that matches their personality.

Craft Cabinet 

If you are looking for a larger gift that will totally blow them away, give them a craft cabinet that will hold all of their supplies. This will turn their craft room into a haven of creativity! Finally, they will have a place to store all of their supplies and tools.

Soap Making Kit 

Even if you don’t know if they have ever tried to make soap, it’s a rewarding craft that almost anyone can do. The best thing is that at the end of this craft, with a soap making kit they have soap they can use and give away as a gift.

Candle Making Kit 

There are quite a few different candle making kits that you can choose from. Try to find one that uses supplies you think your friend or family member will enjoy using.

Craft and Sewing Tote Bag 

If someone you know is really into crafting, a craft tote bag is a very thoughtful gift. This is something they can take with them and use whenever they craft on the go.

Resin Kit 

One of the newest craft crazes is resin. Buy someone a kit that includes everything they need to make something with resin. One really popular craft is a resin-dipped cutting board.

Container Store Peg Board For Wall 

Creating more storage for craft supplies is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone. The Container Store sells an Elfa Utility board that can be used to store craft supplies.

It’s really easy to customize and you can store just about anything on the wall with this system.

DIY Body Butter Supplies 

Another really easy gift to give DIYers is all the supplies they need to make their own body butter. You basically just need:

Fat Quarters

There are so many crafts that people can make with fat quarters, making them a very popular gift. When you buy them some fat quarters, they can make a bedside tray.

Rolling Cart 

If you know someone that doesn’t have a lot of room to store their supplies, buy them a rolling cart. These are incredibly useful. Your friends and family members can use them to move around the room and store everything from paint to their vinyl cutting supplies.

Hot Glue Gun and glue

Another really popular tool for all crafters is a hot glue gun and glue sticks. They can use them for all sorts of projects like a burlap wreath.

Power Drill with drill bits

On the other end of the DIY spectrum are the people that like to build their own things. If you know someone that really enjoys building and renovating, then buy them a really durable drill with a variety of drill bits.

Then, they can use it to make some corner shelves or even a DIY playground.

Cake Decorating  Supplies

Cake decorating is a lot easier when you have the right tools. Thankfully, you can buy entire kits with everything they could possibly need, including all the tips and piping bags.

Bath Bomb Molds and Supplies

This craft takes a lot more skill and precision. There are bath bomb kits out there, but I suggest reading a tutorial and buying all the supplies separately. This way, you know you are buying supplies that will actually work.

Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a fantastic way to create your own planner or create a scrapbook. There are literally thousands of ways you can use a bullet journal, making it the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys creating new things.

Sewing Machine 

A sewing machine makes an excellent gift for anyone that is starting to get into quilting and wants to learn how to do it even more. They can make anything from their own clothes to hot pads for casseroles.

Embroidery Machine 

If they already have a sewing machine, then surprise them with an even better gift – an embroidery machine! This is a wonderful way to personalize clothes, towels, and even sheets and backpacks.

Hand Lettering Book and Pens

Finally, a gift that helps someone learn how to hand-letter will give back a thousand times over. They can make their own fonts and wall art!

25 Perfect Gift Ideas for Creatives and Crafters

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  1. These are all great ideas for creative friends. That craft cabinet is pretty neat. I’m a professional organizer, so I’m always “jazzed” by good storage ideas. The tote is a great gift too, and everyone has space for that. I guess check before giving a physically large item, but if I had a craft room, I would want a lot of this!

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