Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers Free Printable


Add cuteness and sass to your candy stash with these Halloween candy bar wrappers. Print, trim, and wrap for a basketful of fun treats to hand out!

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing my design printables with you. Whether it’s crafting for the kids, decorating your home or planning your life – digital printables will always come in handy. Enjoy and happy printing!

Preview of large and mini sized halloween candy bar wrappers.

This trick ‘o treating season you can level up your candy stash with these printable Halloween candy bar wrappers. I’ve included designs for the standard sized chocolate bar as well as the mini fun size. Everyone will appreciate the extra special touch of punny cuteness you add to your treats!

Freebie Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

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Supplies and Tools Needed: 

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Bone Appetit, Trick or Treat Yourself! and more Halloween themed designs printed and trimmed.

1. Download & Choose the preferred size

It’s super easy to decorate your treats with free printables and don’t forget to make it a fun crafternoon activity with the kids at the same time. Just make sure they don’t eat all the treats!

I’ve designed the wrappers based on standard-sized chocolate bars – one PDF for large bars and another for the mini fun size treats commonly sold during the Halloween season. Of course, every country and culture might hand out different types of treats, so feel free to experiment and decorate however you see fit.

Remember that the designs are high-resolution, so you can easily print at double the size without losing too much quality. If you need a larger design to wrap around larger candy shapes, just print at 200%, etc. Definitely, test things out and see what works for your treats. The great thing about printables is that you can download and make as many copies as you need.

Halloween candy bar wrappers printed on paper shown.

2. trim designs

Once you have the candy wrapper designs printed out, it’s quick and easy to trim them out using a paper trimmer or cutting tool and metal ruler. I find that it’s easy enough to trim multiple pages at once without trouble.

I would definitely recommend creating a few tests before you trim a whole stack, just to make sure the wrapper will fit around your preferred type of chocolate bar or candy treat. If you need to keep part of the white paper to make room for bulkier treats that is fine. When you wrap the paper around a treat, the back part will be covered up a bit when you tape or glue them together.

Halloween candy wrappers trimmed and folded to show how they can wrap around chocolate bars.

3. Decorate & Treat yourself

And our final step is to simply wrap up all the treats with your trimmed designs. Use glue or tape to secure the wrapper over your treats and you’ll have an instant stash of Halloween themed goodies. I think themed designs help to put everyone into the spirit of the season.

In addition, you can also use these designs to decorate treats for gift baskets or goodie bags. Teachers probably wouldn’t mind a bit of chocolate for Halloween, right? How will you use these free printables?

Halloween candy bar wrappers trimmed with gluestick and scissors shown.

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What’s Next? 

In conclusion, I hope you find this freebie useful for your Halloween decor. Wrap those treats, make goodie bags and utilize these cute designs to make Halloween fun for everyone! Enjoy paper crafting and check out these other free printables on my blog as well…

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Preview of large and mini sized halloween candy bar wrappers.

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