Mason Jar LED Lights


Enjoy these mason jar LED lights as you sit out and enjoy the night. They’re super easy to make and relatively inexpensive upgrade to the traditional LED light.

Hello, I’m Amy and I blog over at I recently built a garden in our backyard and love every excuse to go out there and check on the plants.

2 Mason jar lights sitting in a garden

But it’s pretty hard to check on plants at night without some lights! So I whipped up these mason jar LED lights to have some light as a search for bugs at twilight.

How to Make Mason Jar LED Lights

These mason jar LED lights are super simple to make and I love the way the light shines through the glass!

What you need: 

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DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

2 Solar light stakes, one taken apart and one together

Mason Jar LED Light Tips:

How to put the hole in the lid

Use a 5/16 drill bit to drill a hole through the aluminum top of the mason jar. It’s helpful to put a wood scrap underneath the top and then use even firm pressure to drill through the lid.

Mason jar lid with a hole drilled through it

If you don’t have a drill, a screwdriver and hammer can also be used. Put the lid on a piece of scrap wood or other firm surface you don’t mind getting a hole in. Then position the screwdriver in the center of the lid and tap on the end with the hammer until a hole forms.

LED light through a hole in the top of a mason jar lid

Do i have to paint The Top?

No, I just liked the way it looked better. I wanted the solar light to blend in and I think it’s less obvious when painted.

solar light sitting on a mason jar, one half normal and the other painted black

If you decide to paint, use a piece of painter tape to cover the solar panel before painting. Or just paint really carefully ensuring no paint gets on the solar panel.

Top of a solar light sitting on a mason jar

What size mason jar do I need?

The beauty of attaching the solar light to the top of the jar is it doesn’t matter what size the jar is! So any size mason jar can be used for this project.

Mason jar light sitting in a garden

I used the 32 oz wide mouth, Ball jars. The solar light will fit on the top of the wide-mouth jars, better than it will the regular mouth jars.

Won’t the lid rust?

I believe over time that it will rust. The lid being painted should help a little, but I didn’t paint the ring. If you are concerned about rust, spray paint the whole top of the jar to keep it from rusting. I’m not particularly concerned, so I didn’t spray paint the whole top.

Mason jar with a solar light on the top sitting on a table

Mason Jar LED Lights

Create this simple mason jar LED light to light up your space at night!
Work Time10 minutes
Resting Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 10 minutes
Keyword: LED, Lights, Mason Jar
Author: Amy Lanham
Cost: 5


  • 1 Drill with 5/16" drill bit
  • 1 Paint Brush


  • 1 Solar Light
  • 1 32 oz wide mouth Mason Jar with Lid
  • Super Glue
  • Paint


  • Using a drill with 5/16" drill bit, punch a hole through the lid of the mason jar
  • Take apart the solar light, only the top of the light is needed. Ensure the little LED opposite the solar panel will fit through the hole you just drilled in the lid.
  • Apply super glue to the LED light side of the solar panel light. Stick the light onto the top of the lid. Make sure the LED light is through the hole drilled in the top of the lid.
  • Place some books on the top of the light, to help the glue adhere, and leave alone for an hour or as long as the instructions on the super glue say.
  • Once the super glue is cured, paint the lid. Cover the solar panel with tape or paint carefully around it.
  • Time to assemble! Put the LED light and lid on top of the mason jar and then attach the ring. Put out in your yard to charge the solar light and enjoy the light at night!
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2 Mason jar lights sitting in a garden

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