St. Patrick’s Day Banner


Decorate your space for March 17th with this St. Patrick’s Day Banner free printable – an instant download.

With holidays and events upcoming, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the changes when it comes to house decor. Why not use digital printables for a budget-friendly option? I’ve designed this downloadable print-at-home St. Patrick’s Day Banner as a perfect garland decoration leading up to March 17th celebrations!

Preview of Happy St. Patrick's Day Banner printable pages on top of brown wooden plank background.

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Hello! My name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer who creates printable downloads. Today I’m sharing a St. Patrick’s Day Banner printable to help you update your house decor for the holiday. With digital downloads, you can easily print this banner at home for a specific party celebration or to decorate for the whole month of March.

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What You Need:

Preview of a few green printable pages of st patrick's day banner on white background with 3 rolls of gray yarn on the top left.

Tips For Creating a Printable Banner

There are a variety of printable garland designs out there and they are super easy to print at home and use for decoration.

Print and Trim

First, download the free St. Patrick’s Day Banner printable PDF to your computer after signing up above and getting the link in your email. Then you can send the pages to print with your home printer or send to your local printer for printing.

If you cannot print borderless so that the design goes from edge to edge of the paper, simply trim off any excess white edges if you do not like that look. You can also cut out a decorative border, zig zag or curved in style for the bottom of these banner pages. Think of a paper garland and how sometimes there are different shapes. Feel free to craft away to make this St. Patrick’s Day garland your own.

St. Patricks Day Banner Garland

Once you have all the banner pages printed and trimmed, create your banner by punching two holes on the top border and stringing through some yarn to hold it all together. Since “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” is a pretty long phrase, I would suggest splitting up into sections for multiple garland strands. It also depends on the space you are decorating and what you can fit in your space. I also suggest using some tape to secure the string to the back of the banner pages, simply to help them hold in place and evenly spaced out. That will help prevent all the banner pages from bunching up.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use string or yarn, simply use tape to attach each banner page onto your wall space for a cute gallery wall art style of decoration. It’s really the easiest way to decorate and you have instantly created a photo wall as well for taking photos together with friends and family!

Preview of printed Happy St. Patrick's Day Banner pages attached to white wall with potted green house plants on bottom.

Beyond Creating a Banner

Finally, I also want to share another tip regarding digital printable banners in general. Although they have been designed as party decor, you can actually use them for other papercrafting projects.

Explore your printer settings and there is usually an option to print 4, 6, 9 or 16 pages per printer page. So you basically get a mini version of the banner design. Not only can you create an actual mini garland for decor, you can also use the small sized lettering for your scrapbook pages or for collages in your creative journaling.

You can also print out the pages and use them as decorative paper designs in all kinds of papercrafting projects. From cardmaking to free collage and visual journaling, there’s really no limit to what you can use decorative paper for. Let your imagination go wild!

Preview of St. Patrick's Day Banner pages on white desk with scissors on top and misc pencils and papers on the right side.

What’s Next? 

So I really do hope you enjoyed this St. Patrick’s Day Banner free printable and the ideas I have shared. If you enjoy using digital printables be sure to check out my blog for more freebies – Tortagialla printables blog.

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Preview of Happy St. Patrick's Day Banner printable pages on top of a gradient white to yellow to mint colored wooden background.

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