DIY Heart-Shaped Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day


This Valentine’s Day, give something homemade. These DIY heart-shaped gift ideas are all super easy and incredibly unique.

I love making things for people, but I’m not a very crafty person. That’s why I appreciate online craft tutorials so much! Hi, this is Annie from Venture1105. I found some super-easy craft ideas you can make for Valentine’s Day and I hope you enjoy this list too.

14 DIY heart-shaped gift ideas for Valentine's day

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If you have read any of my previous posts, you know how much I enjoy creating list-posts. Some people call them round-ups. I just call them posts with tons of amazing ideas.

Today, I am sharing creative and easy crafts you can make for Valentine’s Day.

14 DIY Heart-Shaped Gift Ideas

Crafts are some of the most thoughtful ways to tell someone you love them. Whether you are giving them to a teacher, a sister, a friend, or your partner, these heart-shaped gift ideas are versatile.

Browse the follow ideas and pick out one or a few that strike your imagination the most.

#1 Mason Jar Printable

This is probably one of the easiest gift ideas on the list. We provided a free printable. Now all you have to do is print it and decorate it. You can even personalize it with a monogram.

Get the free printable here.

#2 Felt Fortune cookies in a heart-shaped box

I love how creative this is! And I hate sewing, so the fact that this craft has no sewing at all makes it a winner. You can put little memories inside each fortune cookie, then watch as they slowly open each one.

Follow the easy tutorial.

#3 Valentine’s Day wreath with fabric scraps

If you want to spend a little more time crafting, then this project is perfect. It’s a great gift to give a sister or friend. No, it’s not technically heart-shaped, but you can place hearts on it instead of roses.

Find the tutorial here.

#4 Heart-shaped wreath

For those of us that enjoy easier wreaths, this one is perfect! What’s easier than gluing red ornaments together in the shape of a heart? And it turns out pretty cute.

Follow the tutorial here on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry.

#5 Decorative DIY heart-shaped bouquet picks

If someone you love enjoys flowers, then make some heart-shaped picks to go inside the bouquet. They are made out of crepe paper. I think they give the bouquet a really great texture.

Follow the tutorial here.

#6 Mosaic Heart

What a beautiful way to repurpose broken china tiles. You can make this lovely heart-shaped gift out of any color of tiles. It’s pretty simple, even if you haven’t worked with grout before.

Follow the easy tutorial.

#7 RUSTIC DIy Wood Bead Hearts

This is such an easy craft that you can make a bunch of them for all of your kids’ teachers in one sitting. This is so versatile that you can turn it into either a wall decor or a key chain.

Follow the easy tutorial.

#8 Framed floating hearts

This is such a beautiful and simple craft with lots of ways you can personalize it. For example, you can cut out photos and glue them to the hearts. Or print out their name or monogram and hang it in the frame too.

Find the tutorial right here.

#9 Homemade heart-shaped crayons

This craft is something your kiddos can make with you. Then, they can hand them out at school. Or, you can make them yourself and give them to your kids.

Follow the easy tutorial.

#10 Decoupage a glass plate with hearts

Can you believe that the image above started out as a clear glass plate? Yup! And Jennifer and Kitty’s tutorial is so easy to follow that you’ll be able to make this work of art too.

Go see the tutorial.

#11 Heart-shaped seashell decor

If you or someone you know is really into the beach, then this is the perfect gift idea. It looks incredibly intricate and involved, but it’s not. Even beginning crafters can make this.

Follow the tutorial here.

#12 N0-sew burlap pillow

My two favorite words in craft tutorials – “no-sew.” Isn’t this pillow adorable? And it’s all made with a hot glue gun. I love it!

Find the tutorial online.

#13 Heart-shaped bath bombs

Bath bombs are the ideal way to give the gift of relaxation. This gift says, “I see how hard you work and you deserve to be pampered.” Add some candles and a fluffy robe to this gift and you will have one happy person.

Follow the tutorial.

#14 Glittery Gift box

Fill up this box with chocolates, their favorite candy, or some concert tickets! Better yet, the creator of this project used a special glitter paint. It still looks like chunky glitter when dried but nothing comes off on your hands, even if you rub it. If you don’t like glitter (I totally understand!) then you can paint it or even decoupage it with their favorite colors.

Follow the easy tutorial online.

Run out of time to diy your heart shaped gift?

Sometimes we have the best intentions on making a handmade gift for loved ones but time just gets a away from us. Here are a few gift ideas you can order and have shipped to you within just a couple of days!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my glittery heart box! Just to note: this is not actual glitter which will fall off, but instead I used a special glitter paint that still looks like chunky glitter when dried. The best part is that nothing comes off on your hands, even if you rub it! (I’m not a glitter fan either, but totally love using glitter paint!)

    1. Awesome! Thank you so much for clarifying, Laura. I updated the post accordingly to include your note about the special glitter paint to use.

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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