Corner Bookmarks: Easy Felt Craft For Kids


This felt corner bookmarks craft just needs a few basic craft supplies and is a great way to introduce sewing to kids!

You know those days when the kids are stuck inside? Maybe you need a rainy day craft or you just want a kid-friendly craft idea. This felt corner bookmark is all of that! It’s so easy that young children can do it.

Corner bookmarks - Felt craft for kids.

Felt Craft idea for kids

Hi there, Kenarry readers! It’s Kelly from Typically Simple and I’m so excited to be back this month with a fun craft project you can make with the kids. Now I usually share yummy recipes with you all, like these Monster Cookie Bars, but this time I decided to share a craft project! As a former teacher, I always love creating handmade gifts that the kids can make, and these felt corner bookmarks are just that!

I always love seeing the bright colors of felt at the craft store and since it’s pretty inexpensive, I always pick up a few pieces even though I have no projects planned for it. So after seeing how large my pile was starting to become, I decided it would be fun to make some colorful corner bookmarks to start using it up!

These felt corner bookmarks are the perfect project for teaching kiddos how to sew with a needle and thread. Plus they will love giving it as a gift to family members and friends…or even just keeping it for themselves to use with a favorite book!

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Felt Corner Bookmarks Craft

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Colorful sheets of felt and assorted colors of thread. These can all be used to make corner bookmarks.


Here’ s how to make your own corner bookmarks. It’s so easy! And I included some step by step pictures as well.

1. Cut the Felt

Cut two shapes of the same size from the felt. Use a book corner as a template for size if needed.

How to cut felt to make a corner bookmark.

2. Sew the Felt Together

Using a long piece of embroidery thread, start at the upper corner of the shape and sew the two pieces together going down along the side. Then sew back up the other side to create a corner pocket. Tie a knot to secure.

Sewing felt together to make a corner bookmark.

3. Embellish the Corner Bookmarks

Embellish with buttons, embroidery stitches, glitter, or anything else to make it a fun little bookmark!

Embellish the felt bookmarks with craft buttons.

These felt bookmarks would be so cute as a gift wrapped up with a book or gift card to a favorite bookstore!

Create corner bookmarks using felt. This is an easy beginner tutorial to teach kids how to sew.

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Originally published October 2017. Updated October 2018.

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