No-Sew Fabric Lined Storage Baskets


Fabric lined storage baskets are an easy no-sew craft to organize your bathroom, linen closet, or any storage area.

Sometimes organizing just means you hide those household essential items. When you can hide them in plain sight, even better! I made these fabric lined storage baskets to organize toiletries, medicine, and first aid supplies in bathroom baskets. I’m Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama and this month I’m sharing an easy way to organize the bathroom using wire storage basket with liners.

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No-sew fabric lined storage baskets.

In my house we’re lucky enough to have our main bathroom upstairs and a half bath downstairs. The half bath is small, but it’s a great place to store all our medicine and first aid supplies. There’s no humidity because there’s no shower and it’s centrally located.

That also means it’s our main guest bath when friends and family visit. After giving our bathroom a mini makeover, I realized that while my cabinet looks great with these wire baskets I picked up from the dollar store, I accidentally put all our personal items on display.

Fortunately I had a stash of fabric scraps and fat quarters, so I was able to whip up a fabric basket liner for each one. They’re cute and they hide all the “stuff” – so they would be cute in any room.

Messy bathroom medicine cabinet with bottles and boxes of products scattered on shelves.
Organize bathroom medicine cabinet with fabric lined wire baskets full of products.

My baskets measure 3.5×6-inches and are 4 inches tall. After doing a bit of math, I realized they were the perfect size to use up fat quarters (which usually measure 18×21). You’ll have to do a bit of math, but you can make these to fit any size basket.

And while I took a shortcut and used fabric tape to make mine, you can definitely sew these if you prefer. Let’s get crafty!

How to Make Fabric Lined Storage Baskets

To make this as a wicker basket cloth liner or laundry basket, you can just start with larger fabric than a fat quarter.

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

Bathroom cabinet with fabric lined storage baskets and toilet paper rolls on a shelf.

Fabric Lined Storage Basket Tips:

Choose a cotton fabric.

Most fat quarters are cotton or “calico,” but whether you use fat quarter or other fabric, cotton is durable, easy to clean, and irons nice and crisp.

Use striped or lined fabric.

You can use any color or pattern of fabric for this craft, but one with stripes or straight lines makes cutting out even easier because you can follow the lines. This is handy for beginners!

Cut with a rotary tool instead of scissors.

You can definitely do this craft with your favorite scissors. I love my rotary cutter and mat though, because it makes cutting that much faster. If you don’t have the space to store a cutting mat, you can use a rotary cutter with your (clean) kitchen cutting boards too.

Gold wire baskets with gold plaid fabric liners.

Use the first liner as a Pattern.

After you cut out the first liner using your measurements, you can use it as a pattern to cut out all the other pieces. This way they’ll all be the same size, but you won’t need to keep measuring.

Swap your basket liners seasonally.

I made all of my wire basket liners out of the same fabric, but you can mix them up too. Make them more interesting by using 2 different fabrics. Choose a color scheme and pick multiple fabric patterns using that color. Or make multiple sets and swap them out seasonally with your other home decor!

Organize your bathroom with no-sew fabric lined storage baskets.

No-Sew Fabric Lined Storage Baskets

It's so easy to make these no-sew fabric lined storage baskets.
Prep Time0 minutes
Work Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Keyword: storage baskets
Author: Keri Houchin
Cost: $3


  • Fabric tape measure
  • Rotary cutter and mat OR scissors
  • Pencil and scrap paper
  • Iron


  • 2 pieces Fabric fat quarters or scrap fabric
  • 1 Wire basket
  • 1 roll Peel and stick fabric tape
  • 8 Sticky back velcro buttons


  • Measure the baskets and draw a pattern.
    Draw a quick pattern on a piece of scrap fabric. Start by measuring your wire baskets to create a pattern. You’ll need the length and with of the bottom, plus the sides.  Add an inch to each measurement so the top edge can fold over. For each cutout corner square, measure the height of the basket, plus the extra inch. Your pattern will resemble a plus sign.
  • Iron the fabric.
    If your fabric is wrinkled or has some creases, iron the fabric so it’s nice and flat to start.
  • Cut out basket liner pieces.
    Use the fabric tape measure and rotary cutter to cut out each basket liner piece. You’ll need 2 pieces for each basket.
  • Assemble the basket liners.
    Line up 2 pieces of fabric with the right sides facing out. Cut pieces of tape to fit the edges, then peel and stick them to one side of the fabric. Then remove the paper backing and fold the other piece of fabric to line up. Repeat until all edges are sealed.
  • Crease the outside edges.
    One at a time, fold over the edges to create a 1-inch lip and iron to crease. This will be where you attach the velcro to fold over the edge of the basket.
  • Attach the velcro buttons.
    Peel off the backing and stick a velcro button onto the main fabric, then remove the coordinating velcro piece and line it up on the folded lip. If you have a few uneven edges, trim them straight.
  • Assemble the fabric lined storage baskets.
    Drop a fabric liner into each basket. Fold the lip over the edges and use the velcro button to attach each lip to the wire.
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DIY wire storage basket liners on a bathroom shelf.

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