How To Make A Leather Wreath Hanger For Fall Wreaths


A wreath hanger doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how to make a leather wreath hanger for your fall wreath. It’s an extra detail, with a luxurious feel!

It’s time to pull out (or make!) your fall wreath. Maybe you’ve used the same wreath for several years… maybe you’re in the market for a new wreath. In either case, add a little something extra special in the form of a leather wreath hanger. Perfectly warm for fall, the luxurious look of leather is sure to kick your wreath up a notch!

How to Make a Leather Wreath Hanger

After all, beauty is in the details. An extra detail that goes above and beyond – like leather handles, beefy hardware, or unexpected paint color – is what sets an item apart from the rest. In the case of this fall basket wreath, it’s the luxurious leather wreath hanger that is an extra-special added touch.

I’m Lora Green, of Craftivity Designs, where I share easy seasonal decor and crafts for the home. Leather is one of my favorite materials for crafts and I’ve used it for projects such as leather keychains, coasters, napkin rings, drawer pulls, and more!

Fall wreath with leather wreath hanger

How to Make A leather wreath hanger

It’s not expensive or difficult to start making leather crafts. You only need a few tools to get started and leather can be found at second-hand stores. I’ve recycled old leather coats, pants, and belts into scrap leather.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 


1. Cut A Leather Strip

Place the leather on the healing mat so that it is aligned straight. Then, place the ruler over the fabric and use the rotary cutter to cut a leather strip approximately 1-1.5 inches wide. Once cut, hold the leather strip up to your wreath to determine the length and cut as needed.

cut leather strips with a rotary cutter

2. Punch holes in the Leather

Once cut, use the leather hole punch to add holes on each end of the leather strip, approximately 1/2″ from the edge.

punch a hole in leather with a leather hole pinch tool

After the first hole is punched, wrap it around the wreath to determine the location of the second hole.

wrap leather strap around basket handle to align holes

3. Insert the Snaps

Now that the holes are punched, it is time to attach the snaps. This is the trickiest part, so make sure to double-check the orientation and follow the package instructions.

First, attach a cap and socket set on each end of the leather.

cap and socket portion of a leather snap
attach cap and socket portion of a leather snap

Then, attach a post and stud set into the remaining two holes.

post and stud portion of a leather snap

Once complete, each end of the leather strap should have two hardware sets, as shown below.

leather snap attached to a leather strip

4. Attach the Leather wreath hanger

In order to attach the leather wreath hanger, wrap one end around the top of the wreath and snap. Then, repeat for the other end of the leather strap.

leather hanger attached to a basket handle

Leather wreath hangers for Fall wreaths

While this fall wreath is made from a basket, don’t get too focused on that! You can make leather wreath hangers for grapevine, wireframe, metal hoop, and embroidery hoop wreaths.

leather wreath hanger attached to a fall wreath

Adding leather to any fall wreath is an affordable and quick update. It’s an extra detail that makes a basic wreath feel custom. So, rummage through your scrap leather, and start crafting!

How to Make a Leather Wreath Hanger for a Fall Wreath

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