Make a Pine Cone And Sunflower Wreath


Check out how easy it is to make a beautiful pinecone and sunflower wreath. It’s a beautiful fall decor craft made from nature!

Make a beautiful fall wreath with the help of nature. This is how to make a beautiful wreath with pinecones and silk sunflowers. This easy craft project takes just a few hours and the result is an amazing wreath that will spice up your Fall decor!

It’s nearly the end of summer, the sunflowers are in full bloom, the pinecones are falling, and mother nature is getting ready for a new season. This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom, and I’d love to share with you a fun nature craft project. Read on and learn how to make a pinecone and sunflower wreath. This is perfect to bring in the Fall!

Nature Crafts - Pinecones and sunflower wreath

We have been living and working on a farm in New York this year. Along with lots of amazing animals, we have been maintaining a huge garden and acres of landscaping. My husband is well aware of my crafting tendencies, so when he walked in with a huge bucket of pinecones, I was thrilled. He is definitely good for something now and then!

Some people look at pinecones and see potential yard work, I however, see beautiful wreaths.

How to make a pine cone and sunflower wreath

With Fall right around the corner, I decided to incorporate sunflowers into this pinecone wreath. My real sunflowers are way too huge to add to a wreath, but I did find some convincing silk ones that fit the bill. So go collect your pinecones and join me. Let’s make a Pinecone and Sunflower Wreath!

Supplies for a pine cone and sunflower wreath

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What you need: 

Pine cone and Sunflower Wreath Steps

Just follow these easy steps and you’ll have your very own easy fall wreath.

Attaching pine cones to a wreath form.

1. Wrap pine cones with wire

The paddle wire is perfect for this project as it is easy to wrap around the pinecones and the wreath form. Twist the wire end around a wire on the wreath form and then begin by placing a pinecone in place and wrap the wire around it. Continuing wrapping the wire around the form, and then add another pinecone, wrapping around it.

You can see in the photo that one wrap is good to secure the pinecone as the wire will go between the petals of the cones.

Pine cones tied to a wreath form

Continue all the way around the wreath form, adding pinecones and wrapping the wire around each one as you go.

A 2nd row of pine cones on a wreath form

2. add a second row of pine cones

Add a second row of pine cones inside of the first one, by continuing to wrap around the form and around each cone. This row will stand at about a 45 degree angle.

A pine cone wreath

Have plenty of pinecones? Add a third row! Use the same process as the first two rows. This row is nearly standing up straight. Depending upon what type of pinecones you use, you can adjust the angles as you wrap the wire.

When you get to the end of the final row, clip the wire and twist the end around the wreath form.

Silk sunflowers and a white bow on a pine cone wreath

3. add the floral decorations

Place the floral decorations onto the wreath using E6000 glue. (This glue will hold everything in place even if you decide to display the wreath outside). Cut a couple of lengths of burlap ribbon and tie into bows. Glue them into place along with the silk flowers and baby’s breath.

A finished pine cone wreath with sunflowers

One thing I love about wreath forms is that you can simply hang your wreath when done. No special hanging supplies are needed.

This pretty wreath is a wonderful addition to the decor in our farmhouse.

A garden with sunflowers and wild flowers in it

Fresh Sunflowers and sunflower seeds

And…speaking of Sunflowers, here is a look at my current crop. They stand at least 20 feet tall and are simply amazing! I cannot get over how good the soil is here. These massive sunflowers started out as seed and for a while I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to grow them. You see, the chipmunks dug the seeds up as soon as I planted them.

But I eventually won the battle.

Harvesting sunflower seeds

How to harvest fresh sunflower seeds

Harvesting the seeds is easy to do. Just wait until the sunflower dies back. Cut off the flower head and scrape off the seeds with your fingers. Soak the seeds overnight in saltwater (or plain water), and then bake in a 325-degree oven for about 40 minutes. Delicious!

Chickens eating sunflower seeds

Or…share them with the animals! My chickens are half naked since they are losing their summer feathers and getting new ones for winter. Sunflower seeds are packed with protein. A little extra protein is very helpful for them this time of year. They all thanked me.

Nature Crafts - Pine cones and sunflower wreath

As Fall arrives, look around with an eye for crafting. Mother nature gives us the most beautiful craft supplies.

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