Before & After Room Makeovers That Will Inspire You To Redecorate


Browsing Pinterest and seeing stunning before and after room makeovers is the perfect way to find home decorating ideas. Let’s save you some time – check out this list of room makeovers – you will love all of them.

Sometimes all you need is to look at a few pictures to get inspired to redecorate your house. My name is Annie from Venture1105. I found some impressive and exciting before and after room reveals you are going to flip over.

Are you ready to be inspired?

7 before and after room makeovers that will inspire you to redecorate featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Which rooms in your house do you need to redecorate the most? Sometimes something as small as a fresh coat of paint or a few new wall-hangings is all you need to make the room look completely different.

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Before & After room makeovers

You’ll definitely want to pin this post and come back to it over and over again. Each of these rooms has unique decorating ideas that are a cinch to do! Plus, all of them are budget-friendly too.

These before and after decorating ideas will have you creating ideas for your own house too.

#1 Geometric boy’s room

Helping to decorate a little boy’s room when they are so young that they don’t know what they like yet can be a challenge. But choosing a few creative pieces and some geometric designs can be just the ticket.

See the before and after on Amidst the Chaos.

#2 Budget laundry room reveal

Even if you just have a small closet where you do laundry, you can still make it really cute and functional. All you need are a few effective storage solutions and wall-hangings.

See the before and after transformation on Kenarry.

#3 Sunroom with shiplap

Do you have a screened-in porch or a sunroom? One of the easiest and most-stunning ways to redecorate it is with some shiplap. This updates the entire room and makes a small space feel open and airy.

See the entire room tour.

#4 Turning a nursery into a playroom

Transforming a nursery into a playroom can be an emotional experience. But it can also be really fun! And you just need a few storage pieces and upgraded furniture to make the transformation complete.

See the before and after photos on Kenarry.

#5 Outer space boy’s bedroom

One of the best ways to incorporate a theme in your kids’ room is to paint a custom mural like this one. Browse the before and after photos on the original post and you’ll see what a huge difference the rocket ship on the wall makes.

And it’s pretty easy too.

Check out the entire reveal.

#6 Small bathroom makeover

If you are itching for something really dramatic, you might want to do a complete remodel and overhaul.

Installing new countertops, redoing the walls, and completely changing the cabinets will make you feel like you have an entirely new room.

Take a peek at the stunning before and after on In My Own Style.

#7 Mobile Home Living Room

How do you decorate a small mobile home’s living room? You have to use furniture that fits in the small space without making it feel overstuffed. Also, use colors that go well together. Complimentary colors will make the entire room pop!

Get inspired and see all the photos on Re-Fabbed.

3 Things Stunning Room makeovers have in common

Are you ready to redecorate a room in your home? It’s always a good time to refresh it and make it feel like new.

All of these room makeovers have 3 things in common.

#1 New Walls

You can either repaint the walls, add new posters or wall decor, or add shiplap. Just by changing the walls you can make the room look incredibly different.

#2 New Colors

Next, adding some new bedding or a few bright pillows can totally change how the room feels. Change the colors based on the seasons, it’s a lot of fun to transform your room in this easy way.

#3 New Furniture

Finally, replacing outdated furniture with new ones will transform the look of your living room or bedroom. For added benefit, choose furniture that also gives you extra storage space too.

What’s Next? 

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  1. I love the laundry room makeover. So many of us never take the time to make this a nice space, even though we spend a ton of time in there! Getting this room in order can be incredibly rewarding, not only because it feels nicer to be there, but also because you an really improve your efficiency. Love those labels:)

    1. Thanks Seana! I totally agree. Laundry rooms are often overlooked, but why not make them decorative and delightful given the amount of time we spend there.

      Best wishes,
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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