Teacher Gift Card Holder


Use this free printable teacher gift card holder to show a little gratitude to all the amazing educators around you!

Teachers are definitely one of the most important figures in our children’s upbringing and they have such a critical job to do! I appreciate all their efforts and I think it’s always a good idea to show a little gratitude to them. That’s why I created this free printable teacher gift card holder, that is perfect for a teacher appreciation day or any time you want to present a treat to your favorite teachers!

Preview of printable gift card holder for teachers on top of wooden plank background with white and pink flowers and foilage on the lower right corner.

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Hello! My name is Linda from tortagialla.com and I’m a mama who creates printable downloads to share with moms like you. This free printable teacher gift card holder is perfect for presenting a little treat to your favorite teachers. It’s always a good time to show your gratitude, right?


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What You Need:

Preview of printable gift card holder for teachers trimmed on top of white desk with journal, polaroid photos, pens and string underneath.

Tips For Making Your Teacher Gift Card Holder

Printables are super versatile and with this printable teacher gift card holder, you can make as many as you need for all the teachers at your kids schools, sports and extra-curricular establishments. Don’t forget ALL the educators that are a part of your circle.

Printing on Cardstock

Since this printable will have a gift card attached, I would suggest using cardstock paper that is strong enough to hold your plastic gift card securely. Any type of thicker paper will work – just take a look into your paper stash.

However, if you don’t have cardstock or find it difficult to print at home with special paper, consider just gluing the printable onto colored construction paper or scrapbook paper. That way, the design will be reinforced and stronger than just regular printer paper.

Dress up Your Gift Card

When you have all your teacher gift card holder designs printed out – as many as you need – simply trim them to size and attached your gift cards on the bottom gray section. It’s super easy to use a piece of tape to attached the plastic gift cards, so it’s easy for your teachers to remove.

This printable was designed to be easily folded in half, so you can stash it inside any envelope you might already have at home to gift to your favorite teachers. Also, remember that you can ask your kids to dress up this gift by drawing on the envelope or decorating with pens and markers. This will really make your gift of gratitude personal and much more meaningful!

Preview of printable gift card holder for teachers on top of wooden desk and stack fo journals with view of woman's hand touching lower left hand corner.

Include an Extra Treat

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a fan of including an instant treat when it comes to gifts. Maybe it’s the kid in me? I like to include a candy treat, a tea bag or stickers perhaps. Anything you might think your teachers will enjoy, so don’t hesitate to add another little surprise with your completed teacher gift card holder.

Of course, you know your teachers the best, so think about what they would enjoy and be delighted to receive in addition to a gift card for coffee, tea or school supplies at a local shop! Get your kids involved and see what they can come up with.

Preview of printable gift card holder for teachers trimmed out on top of journals, alphabet stickers, highlighters and pens on white bedsheet with view of laptop computer in upper right hand corner.

What’s Next? 

I hope you will enjoy using this free printable teacher gift holder to make little packages of gratitude! If you like digital printables be sure to check out my blog for more freebies – Tortagialla printables blog.

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Preview of printable gift card holder for teachers on top of white background with green foilage and white flowers in upper left hand corner and view of pencil tip in lower right hand side.

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