The Best DIY Beauty Products For DIY Gifts (Or Keep For Yourself)


Pamper yourself or give these luxurious DIY beauty products as homemade gifts. From sugar scrubs to pretty little soaps, you will find something new to make on this list.

I love homemade beauty products. You can control what is in them. Plus, they make some of the most thoughtful gifts. This is Annie from Venture1105 and I am sharing my list of the best and most creative DIY beauty crafts you should make.

The best DIY beauty products you can make

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Sure, you can buy some bath salts or sugar scrubs at the store. But when you make them yourself, you can control how strong the scent is and even make up your own combinations. I personally prefer to use essential oils. The oils are a pure way of adding scents that also have relaxation and other mental benefits.

DIY Beauty Products You Should Make

I hope you find something new to try on this list. Pamper yourself or give them as a gift to someone you appreciate. All the crafts on this list are simple enough to make that you should make a few large batches and give them away.

#1 Homemade lip sugar scrub

Combat dry lips with this rejuvenating (and pretty delicious) sugar scrub. It’s perfectly safe to eat, just in case you lick a bit of it off your lips. It exfoliates your lips and helps them shine.

Homemade lip sugar scrub tutorial.

#2 Rainbow Soap

These beautiful rainbow soaps make a perfect hostess gift. They are super easy if you know how to use pour-over molds. You can omit the cosmetic glitter, but it sure does add some fun sparkles.

Rainbow soap tutorial.

#3 Handmade Lavender Sachets

You can use these relaxing sachets as DIY heating pads. They will soothe aching muscles and encourage mental repose at the same time. All you need is dried lavender, lavender essential oil, rice, and some fabric.

Lavender sachets tutorial.

#4 Essential Oil Bath Salts

Indulge in a bath soak with these Heavenly bath salts. Use the perfect essential oils for peace and tranquility and let the day go.

Essential oil bath salts tutorial.

#5 Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Bars

These little bars look perfect for fall. But they are also wonderful at any time of year. They are the perfect size for a small dish in the guest bathroom. At first, they are smooth, but they also contain sugar for exfoliation.

Pumpkin sugar scrub bars tutorial.

#6 Seashell Goat’s Milk soaps

You can see the dried lavender buds inside these delicate little soaps. They are so pretty and smell divine.

Seashell goat’s milk soap tutorial.

#7 Coconut lime foot scrub

Pamper your feet to a homemade foot scrub that smells like you are at the beach. This tutorial even has a free printable jar label for you too.

Coconut lime foot scrub tutorial.

#8 Whipped Body Butter

This body butter looks good enough to eat, but don’t! This tutorial will teach you how to get that beautiful texture. It also shares a few different essential oil combinations you can try.

Whipped body butter tutorial.

#9 Coconut lime body scrub

Your body will absolutely glow after you exfoliate with this body scrub. It has a combination of Epsom salts and vitamin E oil with other skin-nourishing ingredients.

Coconut lime body scrub tutorial.

#10 Cappuccino milk bath

Isn’t this the cutest little jar ever? This tutorial even has the free printable label you can download. As you soak in this bath, your skin will become softer and you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Cappuccino milk bath tutorial.

#11 DIY beauty Lemonade Sugar Scrub

If you have ever wanted to use a body scrub that elevates your mood, this is perfect. The addition of lemon zest both exfoliates and adds vital nutrients back into your skin too.

Lemonade sugar scrub tutorial.

#12 Handmade Soap Chains

These cute soap chains don’t require any special equipment. You can make them with ordinary bar soap, a cheese grater, and some cookie cutters. They smell amazing and look adorable in your bathroom.

Soap chains tutorial.

#13 Vanilla pumpkin pie sugar scrub

This body scrub recipe smells like the most delicious cookie. You might get a little hungry as you exfoliate. It’s such a thick and lovely scrub recipe.

Vanilla pumpkin pie sugar scrub tutorial.

#14 Homemade lotion

Shea butter is the best ingredient for dry skin, and you can make your own lotion out of it. This easy tutorial walks you through every step. Then, you can give this as a gift.

Homemade lotion tutorial.

#15 Frankincense skin scrub

Frankincense essential oil has so many benefits. It’s anti-fungal and anti-microbial. So as you are using it to exfoliate, you can also fight bad germs at the same time. This skin scrub smells musky and is great for both men and women.

Frankincense skin scrub tutorial.

DIY Beauty That’s Good For you

When you make your own bath and body products, you can use whole ingredients that are good for your skin. Essential oils have therapeutic qualities and other herbs contain nutrients your body needs. Feel good about pampering your skin with these lovely and fun crafts.

Our favorite supplies for dIY beauty products:

Having the right tools and supplies makes things go so much smoother. Check out a few of our favorites for making your own beauty products.

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